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To choose best body pillows you can ask to sleep experts. Body pillows are extraordinarily intended to hoist your solace level during sleep. While there isn’t much of information about body pillows, clients frequently report diminished back, hip, and knee torment while utilizing them. Pregnant individuals frequently use body pillows since they help to support the stomach and hips.


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What is a body pillow?


Body pillows are ordinarily large body pillows that broaden the full length of your body, however they likewise arrive in a scope of shapes and sizes that offer various sorts of help.


Certain individuals find that body pillows lessen tension on their joints, prompting less body a throbbing painfulness. Body pillow can likewise work on spinal arrangement and help those recuperating from a medical procedure or with back torment rest all the more easily.


Side sleepers and pregnant individuals frequently track down solace in setting a body pillow between their legs while sleeping. Finding a pillow that offers legitimate help and advances sound stance can assist individuals with resting better and wake up with less torment.


How to choose the best body pillows


To pick the pillows on this rundown, we read scores of client surveys on different shopping destinations.


We picked just pillows that come from notable makers and are produced using protected, nontoxic materials. W-e took client support history, simplicity of profits, and item ensures into account.


We likewise chose pillows with removable covers. This makes them more straightforward to clean than others available.


Pricing guide


Body pillows range in cost and frequently go at a bargain consistently. Some are extensively more costly than others; however certain spending plan pillows give practically identical solace to additional costly models.


The expense of a body pillow is not set in stone by the sort of fill utilized and the cover material.


Healthline’s picks for the best body pillows


Best adjustable-height body pillow

Body Pillow

Full Body Pillow by Sleepsia

  • Size: 54 x 20 x 6 inches
  • Contemplations: Some clients struggle with changing how much fill in the pillow to oblige their solace level. Others report feeling hot while sleeping with this full body pillow.
  • Key details: This full body pillow was planned explicitly to be embraced by side sleepers to keep the hips, legs, and spine adjusted. The fill is gel-imbued, CertiPUR-US certified froth, with a shredded memory foam inward center. You can change how much fill, which gives you command over solidness and level. The case is polyester and bamboo-determined gooey rayon.


Who ought to utilize a body pillow?


In the event that you’re pregnant, a body pillow is an extraordinary expansion to your evening time schedule. There are numerous specialty body pillows planned only for pregnancy, offering support as your stomach develops.


Getting a decent night’s sleep can be hard for pregnant individuals, so finding a steady pillow can be the way to getting satisfactory rest. Body pillows are intended to assist with decreasing hip and back torment. They offer help for side sleeping and can further develop dissemination.


Be that as it may, regardless of whether you’re not expecting, you can in any case profit from a body pillow. Side sleepers and individuals managing back torment might like the additional help a body pillow offers. It can likewise be a decent decision for those managing different kinds of ongoing torment.


You can utilize a body pillow to set you up, or it can essentially give an agreeable surface to nestle up to.


How to shop for a body pillow


There are lots of various body pillows out there. This is what to consider limiting things down.


Sleeping position

Body pillows support side sleeping. In the event that you’re a blend, back, or stomach sleeper, search for a body pillow with removable fill so you can change its level.



Pick a body pillow that functions admirably with your level. In the event that you’re not extremely tall, you might find a more limited pillow works best. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you’re tall, you’ll need to search for an extended pillow to give full-body support.


You’ll likewise need to focus on the pillow level and width. While bigger pillows will set you up more, they probably won’t be as agreeable if you have any desire to have the option to fold your arms and legs over them.


Filling material

The filling assumes a major part in how sturdy the pillow will be over the long haul. It might likewise decide how breathable the pillow will be.


You can find pillows loaded up with air, polyester, memory foam, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Remember that a few materials, similar to froth, can contain synthetic compounds and may have a scent from the outset.



Very much like any pillow, body pillows differ in thickness. Pick a gentler, more malleable choice in the event that huggability is your need while sleeping or unwinding. In the event that you need more help, pick a firmer choice.


Ease of cleaning

Some body pillows accompany launderable, removable covers, which makes them more straightforward to clean.


Similarity with bed space

Body pillows occupy room. Check the pillow’s estimations against your bed size, particularly in the event that you sleep with an accomplice.



Since body pillows are greater than standard pillows, they can be somewhat clumsy. Consider the complete load related to the size to discover how simple the pillow will be to move around.

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