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Installing a swimming pool in your backyard is an excellent way to add value to your home. However, it can be an expensive project. In fact, the average cost of a 6x3m pool in Australia amounts to a whopping $36,000. Pool costs can range up to anything from $10,000 to $100,000.

Many factors impact the cost of a pool in Australia. When you design a pool based on ideas of Burleigh Pools on Pinterest, factors like materials, size, cost of labour and costs of bells and whistles features like fountains and poolside landscaping will all impact the cost of the pool.

In case you are planning to invest in a pool in the near future but wish to keep its costs within budget, adhere to the following steps to save money while installing a pool:


Consider local council approvals and regulations

In the majority of areas in Australia, you will require a council permit to construct a pool in the backyard or register it with the council once it is built. Make sure that you are knowledgeable about all local council needs and the related costs. This way, such costs can be factored into your budget up-front instead of having to cut the budget down the line.


Consider size

One of the biggest factors impacting your budget is the pool size. Have you dreamt of an intimate plunge pool or desired a big family pool where the kids can have a fun time?

When you opt for a small-sized pool, money can be saved from machines, materials and labour, and the pool will be ready in the shortest time. For instance, you can save around $10,000 by opting for a small pool.

The depth of the pool is also an important concern for making a budget. When a pool is 2m or less deep, it can be cheaper by nearly $2000 than deeper pools.

Always remember that you are not just digging a hole in the backyard; you are constructing a complete pool area. Fencing, landscaping, paving of decks, etc, can all push up the overall budget and take up their room in the size of the pool. So, it is good to plan and measure the complete details of the pool before getting linked to a pool size.

You don’t need an Olympic-sized pool to get an enjoyable experience while swimming. You can get all the room to swim, even with small-sized pools. Big pools have big pumps and more materials, which push up the cost. They are more costly for installing, running, maintaining and servicing. As for small designs, they can help save thousands of dollars over the pool’s lifetime.


Go in for above-ground

The price difference between an in-ground and above-ground pool is substantial. In case you are seeking to save money on the fees of installation, choose an above-ground model. Even with this, you can still get the same swimming area as in the case of an in-ground pool. Additionally, it is a safer option for a family with kids because of the uniform depth. An extra benefit of opting for above-ground is that it can be installed straight off the back deck, thus cutting on costs of patio installation.


Location is key

Ask the following- what is the kind of soil in the backyard? Are there many trees? Are there too many rocks? Survey the backyard and calculate how much it will cost for the work of excavation, installation, and continual maintenance. In case such tasks seem intimidating, save these for later while consulting professional pool builders who can provide expert opinions.

Constructing a pool close to the house can also help save money in the long run. It can aid in the reduction of expenses of electric current and water because the house on its own delivers a pleasant shade, avoiding the impact of debris and fallen leaves.


Select materials as per the budget

  • Vinyl:

It can be customised with ease. It will also lower the costs of installation dramatically when compared with other materials. However, it is not as durable as other materials; it can be subjected to staining, scratching and damage.


  • Fibreglass

It is costlier than Vinyl but has an easy process of installation. It can quickly heat water and has low costs of maintenance. In contrast, it is not possible to customise fibreglass in various shapes and have limited sizes. In case it is not installed properly, it can crack and be damaged.


  • Concrete

It is highly durable. It can last much longer than both fibreglass and Vinyl. It can also be customised as per the shape and size required. But such pools are costly, take a long time to install and need re-surfacing in every decade. There is also a need for using more chemicals since its porous surface is vulnerable to the growth of algae.


Don’t go overboard

It is quite an overwhelming and exciting time when you install a pool in your backyard. But don’t go overboard- go easy on features like waterfalls, spas, massage jets, slides and other special fixtures; they can be retro-fitted in the future when you can afford them. So, save these for another day when you are struggling with your budget in the present.


Install in off-season

Spring or summer is the wrong time to hire a professional pool builder. Contractors have much work in these periods and may, therefore, hike their prices. Hence, to save some money, save your pool work for fall or winter when the rush for pool building will be less. Gain a better deal since contractors will not be that busy.


Hiring the right pool builder

Don’t jump into a deal with the first pool builder who seems to offer a low price. Talk to at least a few companies and make a comparison of at least 3 quotes. Try to find out about the previous work of the builder and contact any former clients of the latter. Enquire about reviews about the companies from friends, family or acquaintances in your area. Ensure that you can entrust the huge responsibility and vast finances of the pool to the best company like Burleigh Pools Gold Coast.


In sum, since you have conducted such extensive research into the project, take care to respect your financial limitations. Avoid falling into the trap of taking huge loans or deferring payments for the not-so-clear future.

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