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QuickBooks Printing Problems

QuickBooks has various advanced features that make day-to-day accounting easier. Its features to print invoices and checks are of great use. While using these features, users sometimes come across QuickBooks printing problems. There are a variety of reasons that trigger printing issues in QuickBooks, such as damaged XPS Document Writer, outdated QuickBooks, insufficient folder permissions, and many others. If you want to learn more about printing problems in QuickBooks and their resolutions, then read the blog until the end.

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Reasons behind the occurrence of printing problems in QuickBooks?

The printing problems in QuickBooks come up due to the following reasons:

  • User is not logged in as administrator while printing.
  • Printer is not set up correctly with the computer.
  • The QBprint.qbp file is damaged and corrupted.
  • The installed Microsoft XPS Document Writer is damaged.
  • The security software settings are not correct.

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Method 1. Keep the QuickBooks application updated

  • Close company files and then quit the QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • Tap the Windows key to open the Windows Start menu, find the QuickBooks icon, and right-click it.
  • Wait till you see the No Company Open screen, then click the Help menu and choose Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Select the Options menu, then click Mark All, and the Save button.
  • Further, click the Update Now tab and mark the Reset Update checkbox.
  • Click Get Updates to download the update file and then reopen QuickBooks to install it.
  • After finishing the installation, restart your PC and then open QuickBooks.

Method 2. Check the system’s connectivity with the printer

  • Tap the Windows key on your keyboard, wait till the Start menu opens and browse to Notepad.
  • Type something in the Notepad and click the File menu.
  • Click Print, select the correct printer, and choose Print.

Method 3. Put QuickBooks Print & PDF Repair Tool to use

  • Close company files, then QuickBooks, and download the newly released version of QuickBooks Tool Hub on your computer.
  • Save the file to a place you can easily access, like your Windows Desktop.
  • Double-click to open the file you downloaded and follow the steps you see on the screen.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions, and then look for the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon on your desktop.
  • Open the tool hub, select Program Problems, and click QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool.
  • Wait till the tool fixes the issue. Once it completes, attempt to print the email again.

Other effective solutions to resolve printing problems:

  • Reset permissions of your temp folder.
  • Check your XPS Document Writer to print outside QuickBooks.
  • Install the Microsoft XPS Document Writer again.

This troubleshooting guide on resolving QuickBooks printing problems ends here. We hope you find this blog informative. If you need direct consultation for the same, call us on our toll-free number 1.855.738.2784 and speak to certified QuickBooks professionals.

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