We all love to see our loved ones cry out in joy when you gift them something on a special occasion. But, believe me, it is a confusing job to find the best gift ideas. If you ask your wife, she will probably say that she doesn’t need anything from you, but it would make your heart fill up with joy to see her face brighten up after receiving the gift from you. This goes for everybody, your parents, child, in-laws, and friends.

Sometimes they say exactly what they want, and it makes the gifting process easier. But, most of them just leave it to you. Even if they refuse you, they will expect something from you which they will love.

Hands down, choosing the gift is the most difficult thing to do while gifting. And if you don’t want to get a mixtape or a DVD at the last moment, read this blog and get to know how to get best gifts for your loved ones. 

Find the Best Gift Ideas with these Tips

best gift ideas

1. Make the gift an event

Don’t just gift something that your friend or partner will love. Instead, to make the occasion more special, you should make the gifting even a dramatic one. Don’t just bring the box; wrap it with nice gift wraps. You can glue a flower for them on the box. It not only looks cute, but it shows integrity and enthusiasm.

It will definitely lighten up their face, and they will anticipate more what’s inside the box. Make the unwrapping even a fun game. You can tuck a small heartfelt note inside the gift wrapping. A small handwritten gift before the actual gift will double the fun.

2. Observe and decide

If you are presenting a gift to someone, they might be a close friend or partner, or family. If you are confused about what to choose for the gift, simply observe them for a little while.

If you go on shopping with them, notice what kind of things they prefer, what kind of clothes they desire, or what kind of books they wish to read.

Casually ask them about their wishes and don’t let them know you are planning anything. A surprise gift is more special. 

3. Activity-based gift ideas

Whether it’s for a date or a special occasion to gift your loved ones, doing some activity together strengthens the bond even more. If it’s your anniversary or your spouse’s birthday, take them someplace nice.

I’d suggest you go to the café/bar you have first met. It will bring back all the happy memories.

You can take her to an amusement park also. Though, in my opinion, you can go on a long drive to the nearest lake or hill. Put up a fire, watch the sunset and cherish the memories together. 

4. Make something

You know, what is the best kind of gift? A handmade gift.

It might not be expensive or eye-catching, but it will be filled with your love, and that’s what makes them feel special. If you are confused about what to buy for a gift, simply watch Youtube videos on how to make DIY gifts.

You can make a paper box for their jewelry collection; a handmade card with heartfelt notes on it will do the magic. These gifts are always special. It shows the effort you have put in to make something for them.

Another great idea is, make a paper photo frame and print some of their photos inside it and gift them. 

5. Be charitable

There are people who get happy by receiving gifts, and there are people who care about the world so much that a simple act of kindness makes their day bright.

If your loved one is this type, you can arrange a charitable function for the special day. You can raise funds and bring the person and gift them the money to feed the local poor kids or donate it for a great cause.

This mindful gift idea will be their favorite. Also, they will respect you even more for that. 

6. Go on, Stalk

Don’t think I am a creep! But you can do a little stalking to know what they have saved in their buying list on Amazon. They will be surprised to see the anticipated product they have shortlisted but couldn’t buy. 

7. Make multiple gifts

In my experience, people love multiple gifts or surprises rather than a singular expensive gift.

I am assuming that you know the person’s interests and bring small gifts for every interest.

If they like to read, buy a bookmark if they like to listen to music, make a mixtape. Add some more small things, like a game, or a ticket to their favorite game, etc. 


I hope this blog will help you pick the right gift for your loved ones. Not only gifts, be there when they are low, support them with your presence, be compassionate, and above all, have a blasting party!

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