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Temporary phone numbers are a great way to protect your privacy while receiving SMS confirmation. Online SMS you can send to customers are often used for logging into websites, advertising, and other activities where you don’t want to share your personal phone number.

Advantages of temporary numbers:


  • There are no restrictions on SMS confirmation messages;
  • You can receive as many messages as you want with a leased temporary number;
  • You can rent a temporary number for up to 3 months at an affordable price;
  • You can create a new number whenever you need;
  • The numbers are not linked to your personal or other information.


Another benefit of temporary phone numbers is that they allow you to easily verify your identity online. There are many websites and apps that require an SMS verification code to prove that you really are who you say you are, but SMS-man company lets you skip this step by getting the code from one of the temporary numbers . in place!


What is a temporary phone number?


Temporary numbers are phone numbers that are not connected to a physical landline. They can be used to Receive Temporary SMS and can be used for business purposes. You may have seen temporary numbers advertised as a way to receive text messages without having to enter your real phone number.


What are the advantages of using a temporary number:


  • You do not need to enter your real phone number when shopping online or registering for online services – use your temporary number.


  • Ability to create online accounts without providing any personal information, including your name, address, or credit card information.


  • Temporary numbers help you stay anonymous online. If you use a temporary number, no one will know your personal information or your location.


  • Temporary numbers can be used to get rid of incoming promotional calls and spam to your personal phone number.


  • With a temporary number, you no longer have to think about buying a new SIM card to register for additional accounts on popular social networks, messaging programs and messaging services.


How do you protect your privacy with a temporary phone number?


Temporary number services help protect your privacy by providing a separate phone number that allows you to verify your account on social media and other apps.


It is possible that someone will track you with the correct phone number, but they will never know how to find you with a temporary phone number.


The site is designed for users who want to use SMS verification for their account on social networks, messengers and apps. With this service, you can solve all your account registration and login problems on sites like Facebook, Instagram, VK, Yahoo, Gmail and more. It is also useful for those who want to hide their real phone number from spam or make changes to their profile using fake numbers.


The main advantage of this service is not only its low price (starting from $0.05) but also its high quality! You can be sure that everything is done quickly and correctly, without delays or errors.


SMS-man provides an easy to use website that allows you to create an account without your real phone number. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions:


  • Register on (it’s free!)
  • Top up your balance on the Payment tab
  • Choose the one that best suits your mobile operator’s needs
  • then WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, etc. select one of the services).
  • Click the “Buy” button next to the service you want and start receiving text messages!


Ready! Within minutes, you received a temporary phone number for SMS verification. With SMS-Man, you can receive as many SMS as you want., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0