Lawn Looking Great

Looking for ways to keep your lawn looking great all year long? You’re in luck! There are plenty of things you can do to make sure your lawn stays healthy and green. Keep reading for tips on how to take care of your lawn this winter, spring, summer, and fall.

1. Mow Regularly

Have you noticed how out of control lawns often seem to grow? This is because they aren’t being regularly mowed. Keeping your grass at the height you’re supposed to be cutting it will help keep weeds, pests, and disease away. It also ensures that your grass is getting enough sunlight and nutrients in order to stay green and healthy. The best time for regular maintenance on most lawns is after 8 or 9 months in springtime when the temperature starts warming up.

2. Water When Necessary for Grass Type

Drought tolerant plants like cacti are often used by homeowners who don’t want much watering; but if you want a beautiful lawn, your grass type will need to be watered. The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all way of watering your lawn. Each lawn needs to be watered differently based on its needs, so check with your local garden center for the best suggestion for your particular climate and location.

3. Keep Pests Away

Just like humans are affected by pests, so are plants! If you’re seeing more damage on your leaves than usual (which could potentially kill the plant), it’s good practice to treat the problem early before it spreads or gets out of hand. Use pesticides or organic bug repellents as necessary according to package directions; these things will help keep insects at bay. Read more about getting rid of pesky bugs.

4. Add Compost

Compost is an earthy-smelling mixture made from decaying organic matter, such as grass clippings or plant leaves. You can make your own compost with a simple compost bin or purchase it at the store. Adding compost to gardens and flowerbeds will improve the soil by adding nutrients that are great for plant growth. This way, your flowers and vegetables will flourish! Read more about how to use compost in your garden or flowerbeds.

5. Trim Unwanted Shrubs/Bushes/Trees

When you’re taking care of your lawn, don’t forget other parts of the yard! Whether they need pruning or thinning out, there should be some time spent on making sure the bushes are smooth and even or that trees aren’t growing out of place. Don’t forget to trim your hedges!

6. Place Things Like Rocks, Stakes, or Posts for Trim Shrubs/Bushes/Trees

Rocks, stakes, and posts help keep plants in their desired location; they’re great for keeping hedges & shrubs in check! If you’ve got a problem area with branches sticking out or not growing straight- it’s time to stake them. Read more about how to use rocks, stakes, and posts.

Your lawn can be beautiful all year round if you look after it! The six simple tips above should help you stay on top of things when it comes to taking care of your yard.

7. Water the Lawn

This doesn’t mean you have to douse it with a firehose, but if your yard is looking dry, it’s time to water things! It’s important to take care of your lawn because if it gets too dry or too wet for too long, the soil won’t be healthy and plants will start dying. Watch this video about how much water is enough.

8. Repair Broken Tools

Over time garden tools break down. Fix them up before the next season starts so you don’t spend extra money on something new! Check out these helpful videos on fixing common tools. Read more about how to fix broken tools. 

9. Plan Your Next Garden

Don’t just bury last season’s tools and start fresh. Give yourself a plan for the next gardening season so you know what to buy and when, or if you want to add anything new. Read more about planning your garden.

10. Get Ready for Winter!

There’s an old saying: “Spring is when we must prepare the ground for all the flowers that will blossom in summer; summer fills our home with colorful bouquets; autumn comes and the fruit ripens on the trees; winter is time to rest.” It seems like a lot of work but there are many benefits that come from taking care of your yard, both big and small. Make you wear protective gear, cozy up in a warm jacket and get to work!

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