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Donut boxes safely hold the donuts by preventing damage and deformation. These boxes are made from cardboard and kraft stocks, so they are low weight and very handy. They are hygienically safe and reliable. They are made from raw material that is extracted from tree pulp. This is why they are eco-friendly and pose no harm to the environment. They are 100% recyclable and reusable. Customization is applied to these boxes to make them look attractive and appealing. They can be printed in a lot of designs and colors and can be die-cut in different shapes. These boxes are widely used by businesses to promote their brand identity and recognition.

Christmas is one of the biggest festivals of the year. The desserts must be tasty and special. Presentation of food is the biggest factor that can increase its appeal. Simple donuts can be made more attractive just by little changes in the recipe and presentation. Several flavors can be added to donuts. They will become the perfect dessert for Christmas and increase the festivity. You can send handmade desserts to your loved ones in donut boxes tied with red and green glittery ribbons. There are a lot of ways to make them special for Christmas.

Glaze with cream cheese

Cream cheese is the perfect ingredient for desserts. It adds a little pinch of savor and can enhance the mouthfeel of any food. Donuts are already sweet, and if they are glazed with an icing of sugar and cream cheese, they will uplift the overall flavor. To give them a Christmas theme, you can top them with red and green sprinkles. It will make them look snow-covered with confetti. The sprinkles will add colors and a crunch when you bite them. You will want to make them again after having them once.

Donut holes

They are just a variation of donuts. They are round and easy to eat. They taste the same as regular ones but are convenient to consume. You can make them look interesting by putting them on skewers. Put three of them on one skewer and add your favorite topping, which can be chocolate, peanut butter, or lotus. You can also coat them with cinnamon and icing sugar. They are appealing in appearance and convenient to handle. This quick and easy Christmas dessert will be the best part of your menu.

Donut Popsicles

Christmas is all about making everything special and beautiful. But it often creates a mess, especially when there is a sweet treat attracting everyone. One creative way of setting up your dining table is to make donut popsicles. The name sounds quite interesting, but they are simply paddle pop sticks inserted in donuts. They can be tied up with ribbons at the lower end to make them beautiful. Name tags can also be tied to them by jute fiber for everyone. This will not only be a new and creative way to make dessert, but it will look special for Christmas.

Jelly stuffing

Donuts are already everyone’s favorite, and if jelly is stuffed in them, they will be like a double treat. This is a perfect dessert to serve this Christmas. Red and green are Christmas theme colors, so these jelly colors are preferable. To add a touch of snow, sprinkle icing sugar on top. They will be the best of all desserts. You can also send them as a Christmas treat to your loved ones. For this, you can use a custom donut box for each of them. They will surely add up to the merriness of Christmas lunch or dinner. 

Wreath donuts

The wreath is a sign of Christmas and donuts are a perfect choice to make edible wreaths. It is very simple to make. It can be made with simple vanilla dough, or it can also be chocolate or red velvet. All of them will set perfect for buttercream topping. Use piping bags filled with red and green buttercream and make your favorite flower designs on them. Then top them with fancy sprinkles. They will look like real wreaths. They will be the most beautiful sweet treats ever made.

Donut tower 

The thing that is seen the most on Christmas is a Christmas tree. One way of making your desserts special this time is to make a Christmas tree out of donuts. It is very simple and easy to make. All you need is donuts glazed with green icing topped with colored sprinkles. You can stack them in such a way that they take the shape of a Christmas tree. Or, you can make a cone shape out of aluminum foil and place it upside down. Then stick the donuts on it with the help of icing sugar. Sprinkle icing sugar on top, and your edible Christmas tree is ready. It will catch everyone’s attention at once.

There are different ways to make donuts, especially for Christmas. They are a good addition to decorating your dinner table. Only a variation of ideas is needed to make them. They can be sent to your loved ones in donut boxes to celebrate Christmas with more happiness.

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