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Reset QuickBooks Password

Forgetting password while working on any application is common for users. Sometimes, users also want to change their passwords from time to time to make sure their account is secure and not prone to cyber security threats. In such situations, you might need to reset QuickBooks password. In this article, we will discuss the ways to perform QuickBooks password recovery. So, if you want to know how to change QuickBooks password, keep reading.

If you are unable to change QuickBooks password, you can reach out to our team at 1.855.738.2784 for technical assistance.

QuickBooks Password Change: Some Key Points

When you reset QuickBooks password, you will need the following information –

  1. Registered username.
  2. Registered email address and linked phone number.
  3. QuickBooks license number
  4. Registered business location’s Zip code.

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Reset QuickBooks Login Password: Steps Involved

The steps involved in resetting your password are –

Step 1: Knowing the Type of Password to Reset

Determine whether you want to change the User or Admin password. If your username is admin or you don’t need to enter a username while logging in then you need to reset the admin password otherwise, the user password.

Step 2: Resetting the Password based on Your Password Type

For resetting an admin password –

  1. Go to the Login Window on your QuickBooks Desktop and click on I forgot my Password.
  2. Fill out the form with the required information and select OK.
  3. Enter the code sent to your email and create a new admin password.

For QuickBooks 2020, you need to perform different steps.

For resetting a user password –

  1. Sign in as an admin and go to Company. Click on Set up Users and Passwords.
  2. Select Set up Users then, from the users’ list, select the user requiring a password change.
  3. Click on Edit Users and enter a new password. Select Next > Finish.

Step 3: Using QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool

Use the QuickBooks automated password reset tool to reset your password.

  1. Download the Automated password tool for QuickBooks Desktop and select your QuickBooks desktop version.
  2. Fill in the required information and click on Next.
  3. The reset tool will auto-download once you accept the license agreement.
  4. Run the tool and enter the token number.
  5. Select your current QuickBooks version from the QuickBooks Desktop Products drop-down.
  6. Browse for the company file you want to reset the password for.
  7. Enter the company file admin user name followed by entering your new password.
  8. Confirm the new password and select Reset Password.

Step 4: Resetting Password for QuickBooks Online

If you need to reset your password for QuickBooks Online, follow the steps given below –

  1. Log in to QuickBooks Online and select your Profile icon > Manage your Intuit Account.
  2. On the Intuit Account Manager, click on Sign in & Security.
  3. Go to the User ID, Email address, Password, or Phone section and make the changes.
  4. Select Save.

If you don’t remember your current password, you might need to perform QuickBooks password recovery before you can reset QuickBooks login password.


If you performed all the given steps and are still unable to reset QuickBooks password, you might need professional help. Dial 1.855.738.2784 to contact our technical team for assistance with the same.

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