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How to Start a Construction Company in Dubai?

Crucial Procedures and Benefits

Dubai is a place that is famous for its high-rise structures and top-of-the-line infrastructure. The ever-growing cosmopolitan culture. Require an excellent infrastructure that can accommodate those who visit in search of employment.

Several construction-related wonders in Dubai attract awestruck tourists. Providing real estate builders and construction firms with huge possibilities in Dubai.

Dubai is also famous as a worldwide marketplace that draws businessmen and visitors. The result is that the construction sector has been experiencing a surge in recent times. There is a growing demand for office space. Also luxurious hotels, and luxurious living spaces for those who visit to pursue their ideal lives.

If you’re planning to launch a construction company in Dubai. If you are looking for a location, it’s an ideal choice. The friendly business environment and the investment-friendly atmosphere guarantee huge returns.

How to Start a Construction Company in Dubai

Dubai is among the most beautiful and intriguing nations in the world. And today the beauty of the country has reached its peak. Dubai’s most desirable destination is home to numerous stunning sites and gorgeous beaches and high-rise infrastructure. Dubai’s excellent infrastructure is attractive for business. And leisure travelers because of its high-end culture, high standard of living, rising GDP, tax-free environment. And numerous business opportunities. These features make Dubai one of the top cities in the world for starting an enterprise.

Dubai has a variety of major construction projects that are going to complete shortly. There are several currently underway projects for 2022’s World Expo 2022. The UAE has the most expensive construction project value in the Gulf Cooperation Council region. Totaling the sum of USD 319.1 billion. These numbers suggest that there is no finer time than now for business establishments a construction Companies in Dubai.

The process of registering a construction Company in Dubai

Foreign investors who want to start a construction company could opt for Dubai. Where they need to find a partner in the local area. Or even a no-cost zone in which they enjoy the benefit of having full ownership. Whatever location may the owner chooses to start the company. It must adhere to the rules of the Construction Law within the UAE. Government create changes in 2013 to the above law.

Our Dubai company formation experts will assist you in the process of registration for a company. By making the necessary paperwork and filing it at the department of economic development. Department of Economic Development.

Construction License in Dubai

When you want to write your Construction Company in Dubai. It is vital to fetch a license before you can start the company’s processes. These are the different kinds of construction permits in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

1. Wrecking and Demolition License

Activity Code – 451001

License Type – Commercial

Activity Group – Contracting and Building works

Activity Description – With this license, you’ll be able to take part in the destruction of buildings or other structures. That are in poor condition and nearing collapse, or to replace them by using various methods. Including cranes for buildings with high rises excavators, manuals for medium-sized buildings, as and building implosion with explosives.

2. Building Contracting License

Activity Code – 452001

License Type – Commercial

Activity Group – Contracting and Building works

Activity Description – Under this license, you’ll be able to do any kind of construction work. Including hospitals, homes, airports commercial, farms, and industrial buildings.

3. Building Maintenance License

Activity Code – 454007

License Type – Commercial

Activities Group: Building Maintenance, surveillance, and cleaning work

Summary of Activity – The license permits you to maintain structures without the need for an extension. And restoration of columns, roofs, floors, walls, and many more.

4. Steel Construction and Contracting License

Activity Code – 452008

License Type – Commercial

Activity Group – Contracting and Building works

Activity Description – by obtaining this license, you’ll be able to carry out all activities associated with steel construction. Like warehouses factories, sheds storage spaces bridges, structures, and tunnels.

Special approval from Dubai authorities Dubai authorities

After special permits, you will be able to obtain a company that operates within Dubai. The construction companies need to strive out particular approvals through:

The Dubai Water and Electricity Authority;

The Drainage and Irrigation Department;

Building Department;

Dubai Civil Defense Authority.


Dubai’s construction industry is growing and it may grow to new heights within the next three to four years. We’ve witnessed why Dubai is the top possible market for the construction industry. A lot of options for only one particular sector in Dubai`s economy are impressive.

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