The average use of the internet across the planet is progressing rapidly and dwelling in this techno era. This means that to make progress, you have to adapt to it and grow. It is not wrong to state that businesses without any access to the cyber network are now considered outdated. Thus, it is only practical for you to provide your business with an online existence.

The need for e-commerce stores grew more after the pandemic hit us globally. Online stores are a convenient alternative. Less to say trading is shifting to virtual space from physical space

Speaking of which, the question arises ‘’HOW TO START AN E-COMMERCE STORE IN PAKISTAN?’’ Dear readers, you have landed on the right article. Here we will guide you with useful ways and tips which will help you to set up your online endeavor.

If you wish to be an entrepreneur, here is a step-by-step guide for you to establi


sh your online store.

1.    EDUCATE YOURSELF, do some research

Education and research are basi

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c traits to start a business. This makes your skills strong and you stand confident as well competitive in the market. You know the proper channel to follow. Being aware makes you capable of calculating your moves and the risks that you may face. All in all, it equips you with the sense of knowing the benefits and losses that may come your way.

Furthermore, while collecting knowledge, some important aspects to ponder over include:

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  • Knowing your target market
  • Knowing their budget limitations
  • Knowing their preference for products
  • Estimating your budget for investing in the startup
  • Having an eye on the current top trending trades


For starters, it is better to choose a specific product that you can easily focus on. Somehow too much diversity may lead to distractions and a rise in errors. Having sa

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id slow and steady wins the race. Thus, choose the item that you feel can become your strength. Work hard on it, this product will become your identity. God willing when you feel the grip and have earned the means to afford calculated risks, then you may expand your business and diversify your product line.


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Beginners must have an eye on fast-selling products. Products high on demand can produce handsome profits. However, keeping competition in mind you can either provide exclusive offers such as discounts or free shipping to attract the market. Meanwhile, you must keep in account that following a trend or a common business idea would take more time to kick off. Always think of some innovation within your possible means that may help you catch the market.


After research and selection, comes the important step of selectin

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g wholesalers. This requires your time. You may need to tour your city and go shop to shop market to market in order to get the rates that provide maximum profit.


Inter-city trading is preferable for you AS A STARTUP as it requires minimal monitoring resources and is easier to manage. You can make an account with courier services like TCS, Leapord courier, Pakistan post, etc or you can hire your riders for deliveries. Choose a mode of receiving your payments, you may select from cash on delivery or online transfers.

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Establish a system to record the in and out flow of products. This will save you from errors and running out of stock.

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The domain is the name of your webpage or website, your web ID. In simple words, the domain is the residential address of your website on the internet.  People will type your domain name in their search bars and your website will appear as a result.

A domain name can be in numbers or letters or any combination you like, but it should be catchy, unique, and easy for people to access. A complete domain name is completed with extensions like .net, .info, .co, .com. etc.

Thus, for a domain registration Pakistan and operations you may need a web hosting company which will provide a server to run your website. Some hosting companies in Pakistan require that you have a domain while others may provide a domain and hosting server. Choose wisely!

When your domain is typed on the internet it will appear on the hosting server which will provide you access to the website and manage it.

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