Are you planning to design your business website?

Then consider few elements before structuring the website layout because the proper placement of essential elements helps you enhance the conversion rate.

 This article will give some tips to create a practical website layout that’ll give you a maximum conversion rate.

Customize your website with practical elements for better conversions

Add a transparent menu bar.

The menu bar is the first point of interaction with your website users. So, the menu bar item should be precise, leaving no room for confusion. Use simple language to describe the menu bar items. That will make your web page more user-friendly. 

So, you can use the most common descriptive words to make them as clear as possible. For example, “Home”, “start here” is for the home page.” About” or “About us” is for the company page, “Product” or “Service” is for the service page. “Contact us” refers to the contact us page. “Portfolio” for the page that showcases your previous work sample. 

Add intuitive search bar.

The following essential element is an intuitive search bar. It is a real gem if you have an e-commerce website. An intuitive search bar should have autofill and auto-suggest features to make it convenient for users to find desired products

Keep your web-page organize

Keep your website well-organized and clean. Sub-categorize your products according to their categories, price, and brands. A customized website help users navigate their desirable products.

When your website users search “products” on the menu bar, they can access different pages representing all categories of products you have. On your website, navigation should be customer-centric.

In your website, content plays an important role that keeps your visitors engaged. Add FAQ’s section and answer commonly asked questions and try to resolve their general queries.

Create a hierarchy with your content. Emphasize your content with the help of hierarchy. Most essential content should be at the top of your web pages, and less essential parts should be at the bottom of the page. 

Leverage the rule of third

The rule of third is a well-accepted photography principle applicable for the web design layout. With the rule of thirds, a website image is visually divided into three layers, both vertically and horizontally. According to the law, the middle intersection is the place of interest. Place the most impactful image at the canter. 

 Use Negative Space

In web design, whitespace refers to a negative space. Negative space is where content has not been placed; it relates to the distance between the more significant elements on your page, like space between your header and content, or area between sidebar and content, or space between paragraphs. Consider all of these negative spaces on your website, and keep everything legible, scannable, and presentable. Because an easy on eye design leads to an increased conversion rate. 

Apply F-layout pattern

Web experts have found that user’s read the screen in an “F” pattern, from left to right. Your audience goes through left to right at the top of the screen; then, they scan your web page downward. They mostly read the upper layer of content and give a quick scan to bottom-line content. So, you can leverage the “F” behaviour of the audience by placing the most crucial objects and call to action on the top and place less critical objects in lower visibility areas.

Apart from the pattern, you need to consider the colour combination of the website. Designer Tom Kenny said that different colours evoke different kind of emotions

Add testimonials on your homepage.

Remember, we said that your visitors judge your website’s credibility by its design. 

Visitors used to judge a website by its layout. But you can boost trustworthiness by adding social proof, including reviews, feedback, testimonials, case studies, logos of reputed brands that have used your products for their business. These social proofs are compelling and build the trustworthiness of your brand. Case studies will tell your audience how your product and services resolve client’s needs.

You can put your testimonials, case studies, and feedback after all relevant information about your business. 

The true success stories and positive feedback helps you convince potential clients. 

Make a distinctive call to action

Another essential element of your website is the call-to-action button. It helps to increase the conversion rate. CTA is the main objective. That’s why you want visitors to come to your website.

. Here’s how you can make your CTA clear and unmistakable.

ü Make your CTA simple

ü Make your CTA pop by adding CTA button in a container

ü Create your content to direct your visitor to CTA. You may use directional cues to accentuate the CTA button

All these elements are important to make a practical website layout. If you want to make a website that gives you maximum conversion rate, consider a reputed website designing companyYou can search as “Website Design India.”

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