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How To Wear Engagement Ring And Wedding Band Together

The real challenge is how to wear your engagement ring and wedding band now that you’re married. Should you wear them both on your left hand’s ring finger? Is it better to wear your engagement ring on top or the bottom? Alternatively, how about wearing them on two different fingers? 

For the novice, engagement rings and wedding bands placement might be confusing. There is no right or wrong way to wear your wedding ring. You’ve got many options, the most important thing to keep in mind is what fits best with your personal style and personality! Below are some popular traditions about how to wear a wedding ring in the right manner. 

Wedding Band On The Top  

The first option is to put them on your left hand’s traditional ring finger, in the sequence you received them. The diamond engagement ring is placed on the bottom, and the wedding band is placed on top. This is a typical ring-wearing style, however, it may not be suitable for all ring styles or finger types. It totally depends on the type of engagement ring and wedding band you have, also it depends on your preferences. 

Engagement Ring On The Top 

You can wear both rings on the ring finger of your left hand, but the engagement ring should be on top. This could be due to personal preference or just because it appears better this way. Some individuals do it because of nostalgic motives. Wearing the wedding band on the bottom keeps it closer to the heart, which means closer to your love too. 

Different Ring Fingers 

Another, less traditional alternative is to wear the engagement ring on one of the left hand’s ring finger. The wedding band on the other hand’s ring finger. This method is ideal for folks who have small fingers and dislike wearing multiple rings on one finger. Furthermore, some ladies do not have a matching wedding ring set, so the wedding band may clash with the engagement ring. 

Wearing both on different hands will show their individuality. The beauty of the rings and the significant meanings can be displayed all together. 

Wear It Alternate 

Even though most women like to wear both the rings together. Some women prefer not to do so. This could be because one of the rings is quite valuable and is only worn on exceptional occasions. Another reason could be that wearing two rings at once is too much for some ladies, and it is easier to wear one at a time. Therefore, you can go with the minimal ring and can wear the other ring on some special occasion only. 

Engagement Ring On Left Hand Ring Finger 

Engagement rings are generally worn on the left hand’s ring finger. The majority of people who wear engagement rings adhere to tradition. Promise bands are frequently worn on the right hand’s ring finger. Wedding rings, on the other hand, can be worn on any finger that the wearer chooses. It may not be the norm, but each person must make their own decision.

Ring On Right Hand 

The place you live in may influence how you wear a wedding band. While wearing your rings on your left hand is popular in many countries, many couples in Northern and Eastern European countries, wear their rings on their right hands. Furthermore, in other countries, couples will wear their wedding bands on one hand and then exchange hands after exchanging vows.

History Of Ring Finger 

Rings have been worn on all fingers since the beginning of time, from pinkies to thumbs, but the concept of a ring finger dates back to Ancient Rome. The Romans thought this finger contained a vein called Vena Amoris, which meant a vein of love, that connects directly to a person’s heart. Because of its romantic and passionate symbolism, wearing a ring that symbolized commitment to a spouse or lover on this finger became fashionable.

Final Words 

After all, your wedding jewelry represents your personal commitment to and love for your partner, and how you wear it is entirely up to you! Do you want to know more about weddings and engagement rings? Jewelry experts at Finer Jewelry would be delighted to assist you!

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