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How Ulta Beauty’s Customer-Oriented Model Changing Industry

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With the slogan “all things beautiful, all in one place,” Ulta Beauty has been redefining the concept of shopping for beauty products for three decades. My conversation with my good buddy Adam Seede, who the Director of Guest Services at Ulta Beauty, can found in this episode of Radically Personal.

Adam sheds light on the entrepreneurial tenacity behind this retail giant.  Hear how Ulta Beauty has been able to withstand the closing of retail stores during the pandemic, how they have turned guest services into a revenue centre, and how they have continued to remain customer-focused despite the rapid change to digital.

Higher-Than-Normal Increase In The Number Of Calls

During the epidemic, Ulta Beauty, like many other brands, shuttered its retail doors, which resulted in a higher-than-normal increase in the number of calls.  Adam decided to supplement his customer service team with members of his former retail personnel who had been laid off rather than recruiting new employees specifically for the purpose of supporting the rise in business.

Employees Of Ulta Beauty

I gave the opportunity to attract two hundred people that work in our industry. In addition to that, I found a way that I could make use of the skill set that they have. They unquestionably did an excellent job of communicating with our guests here.

They are workers of Ulta Beauty, and I was able to place them on Gladly so that they could answer e-mails from clients, which proved to be an excellent solution. Ulta Beauty’s ability to keep its high service standards and have its field staff and guest services employees collaborate in order to provide superior assistance to customers was certainly a recipe for business success.

Ulta Beauty Available To Assist Potential Clients When Necessary

In addition to this, Adam talks about how customer assistance has developed into a significant contributor to revenue over the years. Ulta Beauty is now also available to help prospective customers with any questions they may have in addition to focusing solely on the inquiries of its existing clientele. Ulta Beauty, for example, will send a proactive message to clients who are loitering on the checkout page or having problems entering a promotional code on their website.

What Are The Results

The percentage of website visitors who successfully completed a purchase at Ulta Beauty’s online store has increased by 100%. Ulta Beauty has an incredible 34 million customers who are members of its ultimate rewards program. These customers account for 95% of the company’s sales.  Ulta Beauty is able to suggest new products and new brands to clients since the company focuses on building connections rather than providing transactional service.

Ulta Connecting With Other People Is Essential In Every Way

In the midst of the COVID lockdowns, Ulta Beauty’s custom of providing personalized service helped to strengthen relationships and build confidence with customers who may have felt alone. In a time when much of the opportunity for engagement has removed, it more crucial than it has ever been.

Renowned For Its Welcoming Atmosphere

Ulta Beauty renowned for its welcoming atmosphere, cutting-edge products, and exceptional customer service. You are going to really adore learning how the guest services department at Ulta Beauty approaches the massive problems posed by today’s competitive marketplace with careful consideration and precise attention to detail.

Blocking API-Based Sales Has Allowed Ulta Beauty To Cut Costs.

Summary for Executives. Cequence Security provided assistance to the Ulta Beauty CTI team in the process of mitigating a persistent. High-volume inventory API scraping assault.  Although it was not clear what the purpose of the attack was. One possible motivation could have been to create opportunities for theft in the real world by mapping popular inventory.

Attacks Based On Enumeration

 The attack was carried out through a third party’s local inventory search API. Which required licensing fees. However, Ulta Beauty was able to reduce its severity. Which resulted in significant savings in infrastructure and inventory expenditures.

Enumeration Attack On Third-Party Application Programming Interface

The attack began when the number of calls made to the local-inventory search. API skyrocketed to 700 times their typical levels. This caused the API to cycle through more than 153,000 distinct product and SKU combinations. While also capturing 61,000 zip codes and 33,000 goods.

 The Local-Inventory Search API Provider

The local-inventory search API provider alerted the Ulta Beauty team about the unusual rise in traffic. And an investigation discovered an enumeration attack. That had the following characteristics. Proxy IP addresses of high quality and residential origin utilized. So as to make IP filtering at the network’s edge more challenging.

The assault consisted of enumerating different ZIP codes in order to find a high concentration of specific products. That had greater retail values. Initially, the online API was the intended aim. But this quickly shifted to focus on the parallel mobile API. Which offers information that is comparable.

Efforts Made In Collaboration

Since April 1st, the Ulta Beauty CTI. And the CQ Prime Threat Research Team have collaborated to put in place policies. That has successfully rejected 85.9M total requests. This has resulted in savings of $80,000 on infrastructure and loss prevention. As can see in the chart that follows. The rules were blocking upwards of 17 million requests. When the attack was at its peak.


Traffic that displays any of the following behaviours stopped by the police. Direct-to-API: The assault was designed to go straight for the inventory API rather than any other app or online function. Hence it was given the name “direct-to-API.”  The user would be expected to go through a number of different APIs in normal circumstances.

Ulta Volumetric Threshold

The attacker utilized enumeration to rotate through the inventory at such a volumetric rate that it reflected 90% of ALL customer Ulta coupon $10 off $40 at the moment. This was accomplished by using a volumetric rate that high enough. Outdated browser: The exploit designed to work with extremely out-of-date or atypical versions of Chrome.

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