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It is not feasible for many businesses and other organisations to maintain their own IT infrastructure required to manage their websites and other digital assets. However, dedicated websites have become very important especially for businesses in the current digital era to market their products and services and connect with potential customers.

The solution is enlisting web hosting services provided by IT service providers. A web hosting company provides servers to its clients to host their websites and make them available on the World Wide Web. Web hosting services have the servers, technical expertise, digital tools and infrastructure required to host and maintain websites.

There are reputed companies in Delhi offering web hosting and many other kinds of IT services. Let’s have a look at the specific kinds of services available for individuals and organisations.

#1. Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting service in India means the website is hosted on a dedicated server. The owner of the website gets full control over the server. The website gets a lot of space and changes in configurations of the server can be effected by the client easily.

Firslty, high performance and large websites require dedicated web hosting. It is an expensive option mainly required by large businesses.

#2. Shared hosting

Secondly, shared hosting service means the website is hosted on a server which already hosts hundreds of other websites. In this type of hosting, all the domains share the server resources such as RAM, bandwidth, CPU and others. Reputed service providers offer user-friendly and powerful shared web hosting servers.

Shared hosting is cheaper as compared to dedicated hosting. However, it is more suited for smaller websites and not for large scale websites.

#3. Virtual Private Server hosting

Thirdly, VPS hosting services are provided by many companies in Delhi. VPS means a physical server divided into many virtual servers through cloud technology. In VPS hosting, even though all the websites share the same physical server, each website has its own dedicated virtual server.

Each website has its own disc space, memory, CPU and other server resources. The owner of each website is free to install new software and operating system without affecting the physical server.

Types of plans

There are many types of web hosting plans offered by the service providers. The prices depend upon a plethora of factors such as storage space measured in GBs, number of email accounts, bandwidth, add-ons and other associated services. The costs of the plans are usually on a per year basis.

Other IT services

Many companies not only host websites but also provide web design and development services. The experts create customised content management systems for the websites as per the specific requirements of the clients. Interactive designs and latest technological tools are incorporated into the websites to attract more people. A plethora of programming languages are used by the developers to create the websites as per the needs of the clients.

Custom software development is also an important IT service provided by many companies in Delhi. Business software for many industries are developed to meet the requirements of diverse clients. The experts first analyse the needs of the clients and determine the specific software requirements which must be fulfilled by the software to be developed. Scalable and reliable software development services are provided to automate business processes and help organisations in achieving their business goals quickly.

Types of digital marketting provided to clients

Digital marketing can also figure among the services of the company providing web hosting services. Simply creating and hosting a website is not sufficient. A business must influence users to access the website to get more information about its products or services, thereby increasing the chances of getting paying customers. The following types of digital marketing are usually provided to the clients.

  • Search Engine Optimisation is used to improve the search result page rankings of the websites in order to drive more traffic to the websites. The websites are SEO optimised using various techniques
  • Pay Per Click service can also be provided to the clients. PPC is used to drive traffic to the client’s website. In PPC model, the advertiser pays the search engine each time the ad is clicked
  • Social media marketing can be provided in the form of promotions and contests, custom targeting of audience, daily or weekly image and content posts, engagement with followers, reviewing responses and monthly measurement of the impact


Lastly, the key is to find a versatile company offering all kinds of services right from the conceptualisation and development of websites and their hosting to software development and digital marketing.

By Rosalind Desai

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