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Refurbished phones are slowly but surely making inroads in the market. Despite their increasing presence, many people are sceptical about buying them, especially online. They have doubts about their quality and performance as they consider them “used” and therefore not worth buying. Here, we try to allay these fears and find out if the unboxed/refurbished phones are safe to buy online or not?

Refurbished phones, their concept and meaning:

Perhaps the biggest reason for the slow penetration of refurbished phones in the market is the misunderstanding behind their meaning. Many people consider a refurbished phone similar to a used phone. It is a wrong assumption, and we strongly like to dispel it here.

A refurbished phone is used and pre-owned, that is true, but the company has given it a nice overhaul before reselling. It so happens that the owners return phones because of some minor manufacturing defect found in them. Or, he did not like the overall experience of using the phone and decided to return it before the warranty lapsed.

Upon receiving the phone, the company inspects it for any possible errors or defects, removes them and then offers the product for resale after ascribing a new warranty. Almost all these facilities are absent in a used phone. It is just a pre-owned phone that the owner decides to sell after changing its settings to default.

There are no thorough checks of hardware and software, no warranty, and no return policy.

We hope the concept and meaning of a refurbished phone are abundantly clear, and so does the difference between a used and a refurbished phone. We can safely conclude that a refurbished phone is better than a used phone in every aspect.

Is it safe to buy unboxed/refurbished phones online?

To answer our topic’s main question, yes, it is generally safe to buy unboxed/refurbished phones online. Several sellers are offering this service and doing a good job at it. However, you need to watch your back and do a little research on the seller.

Please look for the following in any seller offering refurbished phones.


It should be your topmost concern whenever you buy a refurbished phone from whatever source. It would be best if you always insisted on a warranty. A seller confident of its quality will gladly offer you a reasonable warranty on its product. If a seller is not forthcoming about a warranty, it means that it does not trust its offerings, and therefore you should avoid it altogether, no matter how low its price.

Return policy:

It is another essential feature that you should be looking for in a refurbished phone seller. A return policy that explicitly states its terms and conditions will imply that the seller knows everything about its product and is pretty confident of its quality. A vague return policy that ostensibly favours only the seller should alert you, and you should ignore such a seller.


A good reputation means that the company enjoys the trust of its patrons and customers, and only a company that offers quality products at reasonable terms can win the trust of its customers. You can find the company’s reputation by running a Google search and the clients’ testimonials on its website and social media accounts. Listen to what the public has to say. It will guide you immensely.

Testing mechanism:

Refurbishment is a comprehensive exercise that involves various steps and stages. It also requires using sophisticated testing tools and mechanisms and experts who know how to handle them. A company concerned about its reputation will have an elaborate refurbishment comprising various rituals. It would try to outdo others and offer detailed service for its clients. Ask how a seller is carrying out refurbishment to understand how it operates and ask intelligent questions about it.

After-sale service:

After-sale customer support is of paramount importance to guarantee a wholesome customer experience. If a complaint arises, how a company chooses to handle and address it can make all the difference. It will ensure customer loyalty, word-of-mouth publicity, and a stellar reputation. Ask the seller what the mechanism of providing relief to an agitated customer is. You can form a fair opinion about the company through it.

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That wraps up our topic on whether or not it is safe to buy refurbished phones online. We sincerely hope that we have answered this question and that you know what to do and look for in an online marketplace of refurbished phones., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0