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Medical Medium

I was following the Medical Medium way for a couple of years. I was a pescatarian. Consumed all food plants and avoided dairy, meat, poultry, or eggs.


6 weeks ago, I decided to visit an herbalist in the medical field Richard Whelan. I’d wanted to visit him for many years, but I was not prepared for what he would say regarding my health. My aim was to have my blood pressure elevated differently and not have been diagnosed with high cholesterol for a long time.

It was an unexpected shock when he took many blood tests by pricking my fingers, passing them through machines, and studying the results under a microscope. Monitoring my heartbeat and determining the pressure of my blood.

He stated that the moment I was seen, he could tell I was suffering from metabolic syndrome, a mix that includes high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and a weight-bearing middle that’s so stubborn that whatever you do won’t change it. And I’d tried many times in the past, including exercises. It didn’t change anything.

He told me it wasn’t about whether I would develop diabetes but when. He thought I was pre-diabetic.

I was speechless. I said that I believed I was eating healthy and that I did enjoy refined sugar, but, for the most part, I wasn’t over the top.

So he sent me herbs to help my liver and additional vitamins and herbs to take, including magnesium Acetate, chromium, vitamin B complex, st Mary’s thistle, hawthorn, and the reishi.


He also said he would like me to eat Keto.

I was thinking, “Keto ?????” what????

I was stunned when I told him that Keto was the reason I had thrown my thyroid off 4 years ago. I had been low in carbs.

When the man was interested in what it was, I was able to research it, and I replied that I was ready to do some research on it. He was delighted about it.

Thyroid and Keto

So I began researching for nearly an entire week. He suggested that I sign up on, which I followed through.

And I took a long time trying to figure out why Keto wasn’t throwing my thyroid back out the way it did.

Then I began to figure out the reason for it.

I was eating dirty Keto. This is basically eating all the unhealthy food items like bacon and sausages as well as eggs and meat and not a single vegetable.

I spent a lot of time researching ketogenic ketosis for vegans and decided it would be too challenging. Read Also : dental braces

So I bought eggs, meat, and other food items, getting rid of everything from my pantry that contained higher carbs. It was extremely difficult to toss out the older food items I believed to be healthy.

I’ve discovered that these food items can be healthy for certain people, exactly that Keto isn’t suitable for everyone.

Stomach Upset

So, I appeared to be doing quite well initially. However, I was able to get into the keto flu stage when my body was adjusting, and then I was hit with diarrhea.

I quit all my supplements and herbs. After 10 days, I returned to my previous method of eating to see whether it was the fat or if I had changed my diet too quickly instead of gradually adding food.

I used a food tracker and was about book an appointment with my physician when I was right.

So I was ok for a week, but the weekend before, it began again. I analyzed what I’d consumed, and then I could figure out the cause of it. The cause, as would be obvious in the case of fats.

Sucralose was the culprit. I used the sweetener in the Powerade Zero to replenish electrolytes when I began to feel keto flu. It was a vicious loop since I thought I’d need to replace electrolytes because of diarrhea. Then consume more.

Moving Forward

I haven’t been weighing myself for the past few weeks, but I was beginning to gradually lose weight. I measured my waist this morning, and I’ve lost 15.5cm in the last month.

I genuinely enjoy Keto. I really do enjoy eating it. It is very satisfying. I’ve tried dairy but not too much. I am mostly eating chicken as well as some meat and eggs. This time, I am eating more incredible veggies than I did the last time.

I went for an enumeration test weeks ago and found that my thyroid was in the range, and my liver tests are also in good content, which I haven’t noticed in the last four years I’ve been getting blood tests.

I will keep you informed about how I am doing from time to time.

Postscript: Five months after I started Keto, I began to feel anxious and decided to have an x-ray. Yes, precisely the thing I was afraid of happening is that I have early-stage hyperthyroidism. I’ve increased my carbs and am scheduled for an appointment with Richard at the beginning of February 2021. I’ve lost 12kg. Read Also : 6 month braces cost in india

Kate Strong is an Intuitive Healer.

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