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As with different teaching modes, MBA distance education also hasits own set of positives. Understanding and knowing these positive systems will help institutes, colleges, and universities in making strategies for different efficient delivery of the lessons, ensuring an uninterrupted learning journey for the candidates.

MBA is also known as Masters of Business Administrationdegree program MBA distance education course program from UCW shallget ready to you for the advantageof a global position. You will learn how to getdemanding situations in anupgrade, apply practical solutions to problems and ultimately drive the success of your MBA distance education organization via intelligent decision-making.

MBAstudents must fulfill the requirements of their record in the academic calendar in order to be capable to graduate. For full details about graduation capability, mention the current academic calendar here.

Graduates of the Distance MBA Course will be able to:

  • Respond strategically to business challenges and chances.
  • Estimating ethical implications of business activities.
  • Growing, implementing, and evaluating solutions to business problems.
  • Trading decisionsformulate and systematic analysis that reflects critical situation or their thinking also.
  • Effective skills, knowledge, or information technology ofdemonstratingcollaboration with diverse teams of persons.
  • Lead group through the resolution of problems and successful completion of the program and their tasks.
  • Integrate personal importance and perspectives into problem-solving and get their responsibility for decisions.
  • Communicate theirsuggestion persuasively (written and oral) as anoutcome of a thorough analysis of knowledge of information technology also.
  • Gather, analyze and synthesize skill, knowledge, or information for a trading and business context.

Advantages of M.com distance education

Usually, M.Com is known as a Masters of Commerce and this is a two-year post-graduate level degree course ideal for those students who desire to build a career in banking financial services, and insurance (BFSI) as well as accounting and commerce sectors. The two-year degree programimmersesdeeper into the functioning of the economy, capital, revenue, trade, taxes, and so on. Taught in B.Com. com is a very multilateralcourse and impart the students to choose their careers in different fields.

Since M.Com distance education is a specialized area in itself, only those students who have tried to get B.Com can pursue the course. This degree course is one of the best options for CA/CS aspirants. The course fee of M. Com ranges between INR 5,000 to INR 1,50,000. The M. Com distance education course is good and the course can prove to be a good investment for students.

Eligibility of M. Com

The eligibility of the M.Com distance education degree course may be different from one college to another in terms of the total aggregate. Given below are the general eligibility for pursuing the M. Com degree course-

The students have compulsory secured at least 50% aggregate in BCom or BCom (Honours), or equivalent from a recognized university.

Reserved category students are entitled to marks relaxation of up to 5%. State-level universities also offer marks relaxation to home-state students.

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