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Whether you are lurking on web browsers or maintaining an active social media account, chances are high that you must have come across subscription services. What makes this industry unique is the custom packaging used for selling and distribution.

The subscription model has become a recent favorite of retailers. They appreciate the reduced risks and costs otherwise involved in setting up and running a brick and motor store. e- Subscription consumer markets run on lower overheads, much larger profit margins than traditional shops, and a wider scope for brand growth.

These potential opportunities might have tempted you to take your chances in this industry for your home-based venture or existing enterprise. It may all seem like fun and games but before you dwell in this field, there are certain factors about subscription services that you must keep in mind.

In this article, we will talk about the different aspects of the subscription business and how important the packaging is in substantiating the company’s progress.

What is a subscription packaging box?

Subscription services have gathered popularity and pace in the recent decade. Where businesses with a physical retail setup are adapting to a hybrid distribution model, it is the online stores that are truly benefiting from subscription services.

Subscription products are generally sent to customers directly, over a loop. The products consumed range drastically from food items to medicines and magazines, to name a few. What stands apart is how good the subscription boxes are. Sellers in this field spend a lot of time and effort in coming up with the most distinguishable and fulfilling packaging boxes.

Some common considerations include:

  • Frequency of deliveries

Subscriptions aren’t just confined to monthly distributions, they can be weekly or even quarterly. The timing depends on your business model and customer preferences. But sellers need to be flexible and offer custom deliveries when and where required. For this, and more shipping reasons, the subscription boxes are crafted in accordance with the distribution frequency.

  • The subscription products

These might contain sensitive items, fragile and/or perishable items. Brands might be selling more than one type of product. They require separate boxes for each one of them. The boxes may vary in densities, height, width, and even shapes. Packaging materials also vary in terms of quality and characteristics. The ones that precisely cater to the needs of the products are picked and customized.

  • Shipping methods

Is the business sending subscriptions locally or internationally? The shipping duration matters in creating appropriate subscription boxes. Sellers might also consider adding handles on the boxes in case the products are heavy or fragile. Branded tapes and locks are a popular choice to protect the boxes and ensure that they reach customers safely.

How to create your subscription custom packaging?

It is easy to presume that it is what is inside that matters the most. While the quality of the products is crucial to the brand’s success, it is the outer appeal that captivates loyal customers. Sticking to standard boxes might mean loss of target customers and sales. However, there is more than one way to create the perfect subscription box. Curious to know these? Read on….

Focus on the purchase experience

Subscriptions are all about the shopping vibes. They offer mystery and create customer curiosity. Custom box designs undoubtedly improve the unboxing experience. Here is what you can do to improve customer contact with your brand:

  • Offer insight into the brand values. Use taglines, responsible worth ethics, and product details.
  • Pick colors that complement the brand vibes and customer demographic.
  • Add personalized messages at unusual box spots.
  • Create packaging layers to make unboxing special. 

Be unique

The beauty about creating custom subscription boxes is that you can add in your creativity and make the boxes appear as artful as desired.

Subscription boxes come with custom designs, textures, patterns, and even shapes. Traditional boxes don’t work in this retail sector. You must convey that your brand is better than the crowd. Start by planning what branding you want to exude to your customers. Use quirky color combos and font styles to be instantly recognizable.

Another effective method is to carry out a market survey that tells you what popular brands are doing to retain customers. You don’t have to copy these though. Just use such designs as templates to build your unique brand identity.

custom packaging

Foster a cohesive box theme

An interesting brand building depends on the box appeal. For example, if your brand offers premium and stylish products, a brown Kraft box won’t do justice to the branding message.

Certain measures can help:

  • Decide on the box background colors. These determine what customers would feel when they get their ordered subscriptions.
  • Print the boxes with distinct patterns and lines.
  • Ensure that every box feature aligns with the core brand values. Texts and graphics must reflect the overall brand story.
  • Keep the box designs to a minimum. Over-the-top box appeal is not the current norm.
  • Consult specialist box manufacturers to improve the brand’s value aesthetics.

Accentuate a social media buzz

A well-planned subscription box is more likely to appear on customers’ news feeds. This visual display can boost your brand’s popularity and generate the right buzz around it.

Innovative box features are a hit these days. The common industry trend is to use the boxes as a tool to surprise customers. It could be in the form of printing the customers’ names, using different color codes on the outer and inner box flaps, using custom inserts, and adding discount vouchers among others. The more creative you get with the boxes, the better customer reaction your brand is bound to receive.

Creating artistic and thoughtful subscription boxes isn’t just a perk, it’s a must! Packaging offers an added benefit for your branding as it gives customers more than one reason to be brand loyal.


Don’t waste any more time and get going with cultivating an undeniable brand recognition through discrete subscription custom packaging.

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