You may have seen the gorgeously shot Melbourne wedding videos. An overhead view allows you to see every detail. This is aerial photography.

What’s a drone? Where is it used?

Unmanned drones are considered unmanned aircraft if they can fly themselves.

Aerial photography, also called unmanned flying devices, is also known. You can capture your wedding day in the air.

While aerial photography isn’t new, it is becoming more popular in recent years.

Any type of wedding can be captured using Aerial Photography.

Best Photography Melbourne

We have amazing aerial photos of Melbourne.

All of our pilots are certified and hold the required certificates.

Drone Photography Melbourne pioneers aerial photography Melbourne upto 600ft. This creates stunning new imagery.

Melbourne aerial photography now available at an affordable price

Pilots adjust camera angles at ground level and can view them via HDTV. A station can have both an operator or a pilot to handle more difficult shoots.

A variety of clients use our aerial photography Melbourne, filming and video services.

Promoting and launching products using the air

Aerial drone photography for Estate Agents

Photographs from the sky for commercial property

Aerial filming of sports and events

Promote tourism, travel, and hotel rooms by using aerial photography.

Indoor aerial photography

360 Degree Virtual Reality Aerial Panoramas

Night photography and night video

Drone aerial photography can be a powerful tool to help you grow your company. Our pre-programmed flight paths, precise GPS positioning, and precise flight routes can provide precise results.

These are our top choices

360 degree Photography

Inspection of damage and progress

construction sites

Accurate 2D & 3D mapping

Volumetric analysis

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