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Affiliate and reseller host- Reseller hosting is a profitable business. Though many people start it as a side business yet end up indulging and flourishing it more. Primarily owing to reseller setup ease and profits. So you might see many reputable web hosts in the market that, in reality, are resellers.

Similarly, you might come across people with websites and social pages that aren’t related to the hosting niche. But they are still promoting hosting services and even earning from this.

This type of activity doesn’t fall in the reseller category. Instead, another word, aka ‘affiliate’, covers this job. However, when both promote web hosting, you probably wonder what the difference between affiliate and reseller host is.

Reseller Hosting

A reseller host runs its own business following the model of selling the services/ products under its own name. Reseller hosting means when you rent the hosting server entirely, you get server space and resources, including Bandwidth, CPU, RAM, etc.

Not only that but also other features like daily backups, data migration, fully managed support, auto installers, firewall security, and so on.

Then you re-rent the hosting space and resources to your customers for their websites. This means you become a web hosting company yourself without getting entangled with the server hardware and maintenance and spending thousands of dollars.

And serve your customers like an actual host with your own name and a price tag on the hosting services. You need to pay an established amount to the parent host (as the original host decided in the reseller plan).

So, for instance, if you enlist a best Linux reseller hosting plan, you can now offer Linux hosting to your customers. Also, you can customize the hosting plans on your own accord.

Another important thing is that the parent company will manage the server backend issues. Also, you can access customer support services from its qualified team at any time, as you will be a hosting user of the original host.

Reseller hosts can simply rent the hosting servers in bulk and at low prices. In the reseller scenario, there is pretty fair room to add a decent markup to earn profit. Keeping hosting quality at the top yet at reasonable prices can help a hosting setup grow its client base.

Reseller hosting is the right choice if you want to start a business/ company dealing with hosting services. However, a lack of initial funds, overhead costs, and business and hosting technicalities impede your setup. In fact, reseller hosting offers more control and profit-bearing sales.

For instance, if you are a web developer, web designer, or any other category of web professional, you can have Windows or cheap unlimited reseller hosting as a side hustle. Web products like apps or websites for whichever client you are working on can host that product on your hosting setup.

The same can work for those projects where you didn’t do the design or development part. Thus, bringing in more customers and generating more revenue from your business.

Affiliate Host

In reseller hosting, the owner/ company still has work to do from management to offer support services to its customers. However, the affiliate doesn’t involve any of such hassles, which is the scenario where the affiliate and reseller host differs.

Many technical and non-technical websites promote hosting by being an Affiliate. For instance, they post ads and banners about hosting on their website.

Or, simply, they can use the unique link (specifically given to them) that contains a tracking code. So they can use it on their website or in content.

So when users/ readers click on that affiliate link and purchase the hosting services, the hosting company gives the affiliate(s) a commission.

Thus, no headaches of setting up the server and customizing the plans that clickers/ users want to purchase. Instead, you will just direct them to the host.

In affiliate hosting, the affiliate earns only the commission but not the sales. Still, this model is famous worldwide as the hosting company can have sales without effort. At the same time, the affiliate business can make some money as a side hustle without doing much.

Wrapping Up!

Being a hosting affiliate means referring a hosting business to a web hosting company and making them sign up or buy the services. While reseller hosting is different, here, a company sells the other’s services (legally via white labeling) and has its own client base.

So an affiliate and reseller host are different. Also, one thing for sure is there is no limit on how much you can earn with both. Both are great ways of making and maximizing profit. However, they differ in control and profit ratio.

Navicosoft offers Windows and cheap Linux reseller hosting in five different plans. You can get an affordable plan according to the hosting setup scale or the estimated number of clients you wish to host.

The cheap Linux reseller hosting plans offer SSD storage, maximum uptime guarantees, Daily backups, Auto installers, free data migration, and fully managed support.

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