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Water is one of the five major elements of nature, it is also said that 70% of the human body and 90% of the human blood is made up of water. Just the way human beings communicate information through the means of words, gestures and actions, the medium of communication in the body is water. The blood plasma, phlegm, blood, mucus, bile and reproductive fluids like semen and white discharge are all made up of water. Thus when a person faints or collapses we say there is an imbalance of water in the body.


  1. Water regulates the temperature of the body and maintains an adequate level of temperature in the body through the process of perspiration. The water weight of the person refers to what percentage of the person’s body is made up of water. 
  2. Water serves as the basis f communication between all the cells of the body, water also transmits food throughout the body. 
  3. Lack of water in the body causes problems like flaky skin, dandruff and constipation, lack of water also may lead to problems like hard stool, indigestion etc. 
  4. Water also helps to maintain the water level and electrolyte balance in the body causing the PH not to be either extremely alkaline or extremely acidic.


Constipation refers to difficulty in the generation of stool or faeces in the body which eventually leads to problems like bloating, gas and indigestion. The major remedy that all have suggested for constipation is to drink water but is water lack of water the only reason for the difficulty in passing out? No constipation can have other reasons also let us understand all of them in detail.

  1. LACK OF PHYSICAL EXERCISE – One of the best Urologist in Punjab clearly explains “The colon of the large intestine is an organ in the body that responds to physical activity, without any kind of physical movement the muscles of the colon tend to get weaker with the passage of time and hence the difficulty arises in passing out of the stool. Hence at least 20-30 minutes of activity is recommended to keep your colon muscles strong”.
  2. STRESS – A general observation was conducted by one of the best Urologist in Ludhiana who clearly explained it is only when an individual is stressed, he/she tends to take shorter breaths and also neglect the usual need for water in the body hence it is only during the periods of acute stress the colon and the large intestine because of being unable to receive enough of oxygen, blood supply and water tend to clog the indigested material.
  3. EXCESS AMOUNTS OF MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS BEING CONSUMED – Milk contains a compound called lactic acid which when entering into the intestine tends to produce methane gas, methane gas can at times prove to be a hindrance while trying to digest food and thus eventually lead to constipation., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0