Italian Donuts to Try in Melbourne

Donuts are a kind of fried dough that is one of the most popular sweet treats. It has many varieties and is available at several bakeries and street vendors worldwide. Although it is easy to make them at home, many prefer purchasing from accessible stores that offer savory goodness donuts.

These tidbits have a long history, dating back to the severe worldwide economic depression or the so-called Great Depression in the 1930s

. The sweet and salty snacks began being known because of the Salvation Army. This group of people is the ones who supplied food to the American soldiers who were fearless enough to face the battle in the First World War.

The primary term for “donut” refers to a small fried dough ball. They are an American classic and transformed into one of the prevalent tidbits that children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly seek when they want to satisfy their appetite.

As modernism starts, the formation of donuts is also transforming. Various chefs worldwide tried producing fried dough in different shapes, sizes, and flavors. Now, the marketplace is full of either twisted, puffed, or rolled doughnuts in several delicious and satisfying sweet coatings and tasty stuffing within.

The joy that a donut brings is why Baker Melbourne does not hesitate to make the best Italian donuts Melbourne that both locals and tourists do not cease to desire.

What are these best Italian donuts to try in Melbourne that many people awaited?

Read and discover them all on the infographic below created and designed by Cirelli & Co:

Italian Donuts to Try in Melbourne

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