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just perfect jewelry

New York — Manufacturer Just Perfect got two licenses in the U.S. for its Perfect Fit innovation, intended to keep rings from moving and slipping on the finger.

The innovation, covered by U.S. patent numbers D820-714S and D814-330S, shapes a just perfect jewelry and knife so it doesn’t turn or tumble aside. It likewise puts extra metal load in the lower part of the knife to ensure the middle stone keeps steady over the finger.

Amazing Fit innovation is accessible across the organization’s whole ring presenting of wedding bands, wedding rings, three-stone styles, commemoration rings and design stack rings, in platinum, 18-karat or 14-karat white, yellow or rose gold. All wedding bands in the line are sold as semi-mounts.

Simply Perfect likewise permits retailers to alter with five jewel characteristics and different hued gemstone choices — ruby, emerald, sapphires in various varieties, blue topaz, citrine and garnet — and etching.

Rings utilizing Perfect Fit innovation are accessible beginning at around $200 discount for the mounting and go up from that point.

The organization said in an official statement that it trusts its “convenient” development will assist retailers furnish buyers with a ring that meets both their size and solace necessities.

“As the present rings get heavier on top, ladies are confront with the quandary of having their commitment jewel or ring ‘point of convergence’ tumble aside, or on the other hand having the rings measure to fit firmly to keep this from happening,” Just Perfect President Edward Zylka say. “The two circumstances are awkward. Subsequently, we created Perfect Fit to battle this.”
Family possessed and worked just perfect jewelry offers in excess of 1,200 styles of gems styles.

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