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Construction sites are never free from accidents, and construction project managers must ensure the team is protected from any potential injury or hazard. Project managers should impart safety training to all the members of the project so that there are no mishaps due to ignorance or carelessness. On construction sites, risks are inevitable; however, being informed is your first step to safety.

Kanat Sultanbekov– Identifying the risks on-site 

Kanat Sultanbekov from New York is a highly esteemed and respected construction project manager well-versed in safety and quality standards needed for the successful completion of a project. He has a proven track record of leading successful teams to complete projects within budget and time proactively. He firmly believes in the alignment of risk management, strategic planning, and operational processes so that the highest standards of safety and quality can be maintained.

 He focuses on the welfare of his team and ensures that construction work is done correctly to avoid duplicate work or repairs. He completed his studies at the Harvard Business School and The Economics of Blockchain. He also completed a Digital Assets Certificate Program successfully from the Wharton School Aresty Institute of Executive Education in Pennsylvania.

Being aware of the safety risks on site

According to him, besides risks in management planning and finance, safety risks are common on construction sites. Workers need to be careful with machinery and other construction tools that operate on power.

There have been several instances where workers have been crushed by heavy machinery or have been severely injured due to the lack of knowledge about how specific power tools should be operated. Not only do they suffer, but the entire project suffers as well in terms of financial losses and delays. Every responsible construction project manager must ensure that workers are aware of the safety risks on site, especially with heavy machinery and tools.

Safety tips to keep in mind with heavy machinery on site

Every worker should have a detailed understanding of how the machine works. This includes how the device should be operated with an apparent experience of its features. The worker should go through the safety manual of the device so that he is aware of how to tackle emergencies and malfunctions.

Training sessions

Any worker should never miss training sessions and their reviews. Some workers might believe that they can confidently handle a heavy machine and one training session is enough for them. There is no harm in going through repeat training sessions for workers. They can revise what they had learned in the past and ensure that the other workers are safe too when they operate the machine.

According to Kanat Sultanbekov, simply learning about the operations of the machine is not enough. Project managers must inspect power tools and heavy machinery used on the site regularly. Everything should be checked, and when a worker operates the machine on the site, warning signage should be placed to help the other workers know that the particular area should not be accessed. These are some simple yet powerful safety tips for heavy machines on site that every project manager and worker should be aware of!

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