Labiaplasty: Labia is a protective layer of tissue around the genital area of women. However, in some women, it become large and starts causing problems in their daily life. Labiaplasty is a solution to remove this uncomfortable problem from your daily life. Although labiaplasty is relatively new in India, let’s discover the complete knowledge of labiaplasty, the procedure involved in it, when you need it, and the Ob-gyn who perform these procedures.

Labiaplasty: When You Need It

The situation revolving around labia is psychological, not medical, still a big problem for many women. Enlarge labia can cause you many problems in your daily life like itching; you may feel uncomfortable in tight clothes and cause your confidence during Intercourse. But how to identify when you need labiaplasty? Let’s See some conditions, Which will help you to identify and choose whether you need labiaplasty or Not.

  1. Labia is in funnel shape or Double fold shape.
  2. your labia is wider or radial,
  3. your labia is in ruffled condition
  4. or after childbirth, your labia is loss


In Labia surgery, mainly two procedures are used. One is conventional, and another is laser. Both procedures are commonly used according to patients requirements. But laser labiaplasty surgery has the upper hand over conventional surgery because it is less time consuming and has other applications like labia lightening and tissue restructuring.

Two types of labiaplasty surgeries are performed using these procedures.

  1. Labia Minorapasty- In Minorapasty is a mild reduction in labia tissue. The enlarged tissues are reshaped around genital areas.
  2. Labia Majoraplasty – In major labiaplasty, Labia reduction, fat transfer and labia lightening are performed on labia tissue.

Things to Do After Labia Surgery

After your labiaplasty surgery, Your stitches may take up to 5 weeks to heel properly. In that time, you can do several things to quickly heel and avoid getting extra harm to your stitches by doing these things.

  1. Be regular in taking your medicine.
  2. Clean yourself regularly and properly to avoid infections.
  3. Try to wear loose clothes to avoid friction around your genital area.
  4. Avoid having sex during your healing time.
  5. Avoid using tampons during menstruation.
  6. At last rest well and avoid any physical activity such as biking and jogging.

Side Effects of Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty does not have any major side effects. But still, It has some side effects you should know. Due to labia surgery, you can have bleeding, infections, swelling, and lost sensation near the labia area. These Side effects are some of the common effects you see after labia surgery.

List of Ob-Gyn That Perform Labiaplasty

Dr Ruchi Bhandari

Dr Ruchi is an experience Ob-Gyn from Jaipur. She has excelled in both conventional and laser labiaplasty with a success rate of over 90% in her surgeries. Dr Ruchi is also a fertility and ivf expert and solving problems of Jaipur women for seven years at Mishka IVF. Mishka is now becoming a popular destination for solution seekers of Infertility and Labia treatments in Jaipur.

Dr Mayuri Kothiwala

Dr Mayuri is an excellent Gynecologist and Obstetrician based in Jaipur Rajasthan. Her efficient work as a gynecologist made her name in Jaipur. She has also made her name in labiaplasty surgeries and is one of the top ob-gyn performing labiaplasty in Jaipur.

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Dr Lila Dave

Mumbai based Dr Lila has an experience of 34 years as a gynecologist and an excellent record of obstetrics and labia problems. So if you are from Mumbai and looking for an Ob-gyn to have labia treatments, then Dr Lila can help you resolve your problems.

Dr. Shivakami Gopinath

Dr Shivskami is a member of the Obstetric & Gynaec Society of Southern India with 40 years of experience. Her experience in these fields and extensive knowledge of labiaplasty make her the right candidate for your labia treatment in Chennai.

Padma Shri Dr Alka Kriplani

You may have guessed from her title of Padma Shri that Dr Alka’s excellence in the field of Ob-Gyn is unrivalled by anyone. She is excellent in Gyne-lap surgery, combined with her 40+years of experience, made her an ideal labiaplasty expert for the patient from Gurgaon and neigbhouring cities.

Final Say About Labiaplasty

Labia problems do not cause any medical problems. However, Mental stress and daily life’s uncomfortable experience cause many women to search for treatment for large labia. In that situation, Knowing about Labiaplasty and its process will help you make the right decision regarding your Future Labia Treatment.

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