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Are you on the hunt for new web design trends for your all upcoming projects? Technology is improving and changing day by day and everything is going done in the footprints of new trends. Website Design and Development is not just a service for the agencies but it’s about the battle of creativity and usability. A theme that is alluring to watch but not usable for the browsing experience is worthless. There are so many measures and scales that decide the quality of website design. Still, many websites are working towards new trends and inspiration and that’s why they are continuously adding remarkable work on their portal. We are talking about the Web Design Awards websites.

Checking an ultimate list of Website Design Tends Websites is a necessary aspect for the designers and agencies both to understand “what is going on in the world right now”?. CSS Gallery Submission sites not only relocate remarkable work of design and development from the overall world but also represents endowments for the creators of the work.

Use New Website Trends Based on SOTD:

SOTD or Site of the Day is very much helpful for beginners of the designing field to understand the new website trends that they can also use in their current projects. You can check the time to time site of the day of these given top 5 CSS Gallery Submission Websites.


Thinking to explore an amazing website design trends website and miss the AWWWARDS portal means you may miss a lot of the new trends. The website also adds nominees and winners on the main page to encourage more designers to submit their designing and development work on this portal. By visiting this porta, you can get an approximate idea about the new website design trends.

2). Top CSS Gallery:

Fresh unique designs are countless on Top CSS Gallery because designers and agencies from the world add their site on TCG. Therefore, it is another Website Design Inspiration website that you can explore for the best CSS Design. Usability is the primary focus of this awards website to add any website in the Nominee list or the winner list of Site of the day. You can browse the design trends by category and by color as well.

3). CSS Design Awards:

UI and UX are playing a vital role incompatible design and the focal point to choose the site of the day for CSS Design Awards is the UI and UX part of the website. When you are thinking to get an idea about the UI/UX Trends for the CSS Design then you must check the Website Design Winners on CSS Design Awards.

4). Design Shack:

Try not to miss the ultimate website trends and ideas from the Design Shack Website because this website also lists the top most websites across the world that you can choose for your upcoming project to add more creativity. Without exploring the ideas and techniques of CSS you can’t expect an ideal website design for your project. Design Shack also lists the designs of applications.

5). CSS Mania:

CSS Mania is also a topmost CSS Gallery Submission site where you can find some amazing ideas for new trends in website designing. Noteworthy trends are always in demand by the industry and without using the trend, a designer can’t compete in the competition. CSS Mania also focusing on the 3d Graphics Based Websites nominations on the websites. Therefore, if you are interest is related to 3D Graphics Designs and the UI and UX Designing then you must check this website at once.

The Bottom Line:

We hope you understand the complete checklist of those websites which are an ideal place for you to explore the website design trends. CSS Web Design is now going on with more advancement and trendiest ideas that you should also follow by exploring designs of these websites. These 5 websites are ideal examples of new website trends that you can’t miss at all for your website designing project. These websites only list those websites in terms of best design and development because of the top most trends used in the designing and the development of these websites.

By Meshur Ahir

Meshur Ahir is a Digital Marketing Executive at Pixlogix Infotech which is an Award-Winning Web Design and Web Development Company in the USA and India. Meshur Ahir Loves Internet Marketing and is always eager to share useful and authentic content to help others. He believes in Learning, Sharing, and keep growing together

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