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Did you know that your product packaging affects a user’s buying decision? Sure, the product is the most important aspect of a brand. But if they can’t even get past the packaging, how do you expect them to buy the product?

A successful product package will stir the right balance of function and design. Packaging and branding complement one another, so the right packaging will tell your brand story. Think about your package as the book cover for your brand.

We’ll dive deeper into the importance of balancing creativity and functionality in your custom product packaging.

Creative Twist

When it comes to product packaging, creativity should not be overlooked. Even if you have a superstar product, lackluster packaging can deter many people from even noticing your brand. The branding, marketing, and design of your packaging are all part of the creative process.

Below we’ll uncover these three components of product marketing via creative packaging.


Branding is a loaded term. For the sake of packaging, think of branding as all the decisions associated with your product packaging that tell your brand story. In other words, how does a customer know what you’re about just by staring at your packaging?

Stay in a branding mindset and decisions from materials, font, colors, logo, graphics, and size should be easy to answer.


Packaging is an opportunity to market your brand. You can incentivize consumers to follow your socials, share with a friend, enter an exclusive contest, or design packaging so interesting, it’s worth a shelfie. 

Make your packaging as beautiful as your products and people will talk about it. This helps you build awareness.


When it comes to packaging, the possibilities are endless. But maybe your budget isn’t? Depending on your budget, you might want to work with pre-existing packaging like on and brand it to be your own.


Now that you’ve made your packaging beautiful, it’s time to make it purposeful. There is no better way to lose customers than to have a stellar product in defective and poorly designed packing. Ever bought a shampoo bottle that doesn’t pump?

This is what we’re talking about. Below we’ll discuss the two most important factors of packaging function.


This might seem obvious, but make sure your packaging works! Lids should screw, not leak, and pumps should pump! Also, make sure your product packaging (a spray bottle for example) fits inside of its designated packing box! Get your dimensions right and create sample boxes!


Your materials say a lot about your brand. Sturdy, thick, or glass materials node to luxury. Paper and kraft packaging is an indicator of sustainability. But this might not be practical for a liquid product that is better suited for plastic packaging.

70 percent of customers say that the packaging (which is heavily influenced by materials) is a factor in their purchasing decision.

Product Packaging Tips

When it comes to product packaging consider the five most important opportunities: branding, marketing, design, construction, and materials.

Your packing might have many layers from a bottle to a box. Each one is important and affects the end-user brand experience but also your bottom line and bandwidth.

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