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Who doesn’t like a fancy, beautiful birthday box filled with presents that adds excitement among the receivers? Indeed, no matter what age or occasion it is, beautiful cardboard boxes always put a smile on the receiver’s face. Everyone wants to give the receiver the best experience that is unforgettable and mesmerizing. That is why a donor or a patron makes the best of their efforts to find the best birthday wraps. It is, most of the time, a hectic exploration journey. But worry not; DIYs are always there to save the day.

Use your Cardboard Boxes as Gift Packs

Precisely, it’s usual for every household to have non-usable cardboard packs lying around in the junkyard or storage. So, using these boxes for good is the best alternative application for them. Since you’re offering someone a gift, why not make the container unique? In sum, we have compiled a list of DIY gift boxes for anyone to peruse.

This article describes three of the very easy yet beautiful cardboard gift boxes DIY for any celebration that will help you in these stressful times.

Mod Podge-Embellished Floral Gift Box

Mod podge is an amazing design to mesmerize any receiver. Whether you’re giving a gift to your teacher, for a graduation, or a wedding, it works all the time. Also, it is not complex, and even beginners can go for the design. Even though it’s okay if you have not used Mod podge before, this tutorial will help you get the right decoration. This design is the perfect way to customize your cardboard box beautifully.

Let’s begin!

What you Will Require

  • Simple heavyweight box
  • Mod Podge Satin
  • Paint brushes
  • Floral or any other pattern
  • Paper of scrapbook
  • Razor-sharp scissors
  • Glitter


  1. Start cutting the design you wish to use from the scrapbook with scissors. Preferably use small detail scissors to evenly and smoothly cut the edges.
  2. If you are short on scrapbooks, it’s not a big deal; you can use other papers with floral designs like comic books, fabric books, magazines, etc.
  3. Now use the mod podge to layer up the backside of the florals with it and brush evenly on all edges.
  4. Now place the brushed florals on the custom cardboard boxes in the way you desire. You can place them in a corner. Or over the cardboard box’s top surface. It’s all up to you.
  5. Now it’s time to dry it for about 15 to 20 minutes, then add another top coat over the florals.
  6. If your concern is whether to use it on the entire lid or not, then the answer is yes; you need to layer up the whole surface.
  7. Coating the surface will make the cardboard a little darker shade.
  8. After applying the first layer, use a great mod podge to seal the design completely.
  9. Now, wait again for 15 minutes to let it dry completely.
  10. It’s time for the fun part. Glitters! Use the fine-tip brush to apply mod podge and sprinkle the glitter over the layer. Then, conclusively, tap away access to it.

Voila! Your beautiful and glittery floral box is ready to stun everyone at the event. Bring a bunch on hand to give to a beloved friend, teacher, or graduate. What’s fantastic about these small cardboard boxes? You may use them for extra presents or storage. Have fun creating.

Party Favors DIY with Cardboard Boxes

The following DIY for art favors is so easy to make that you will not regret it. These coastal party treats will go over well. You don’t need to be professional to get this done right. All you need is the determination with little imagination to make birthdays special. You can make them even if you have never crafted them before. It’s that simple.

Things you need

  • Cardboard Boxes for moving
  • Matte mod podge
  • Foam brush
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Paper rolls


  1. First, take your measurement to make a precise length of party favors.
  2. Initially, measure the toilet roll papers and the cardboard packaging. Furthermore, cut the cardboard according to the measurement of the roll using the scissors.
  3. Start with ensuring you have left space for the overhangs.
  4. Now attach the scrapbook paper to the roll using mod podge. First, brush the mod podge on the roll evenly in every place, then wrap the paper around it.
  5. Ensure that there are no bubbles and smooth the surface out.
  6. Similarly, let it dry for about 20 minutes.
  7. Now, you need to bend the tops of these rolls. This part is so easy that you can do without worry or technique.
  8. Bend one side of the roll halfway lightly, then press downwards with your thumbs against each other.
  9. Essentially, you’re tucking the ends in on top of one other.
  10. Ensure you don’t forget to add the goodies inside before sealing them permanently. You can add anything inside from candies to small toys etc.
  11. Finish making it by using a decorative ribbon.
  12. Use these ribbons to tie them around your favors to make them more presentable.
  13. Finally, if you have a print for the event, this will make a fantastic addition to the exterior of your party goodies.

There you go. It’s that easy and simple to make. This will go perfectly with sailor-theme parties, and you will adore it.

Cardstock DIY Gift Box

Initially, a cardstock and cardboard-inspired shape that looks complex. But it is truly a piece of cake if you follow the step-by-step guide. Also, you don’t even need a Silhouette tool to achieve this! Here’s a basic summary:

What you will need

  • First, 2 sheets of Contrasting and complementary cardstock or cardboard.
  • Apart from this, an edge ruler
  • In addition, a stick tape or glue gun
  • scissors


  1. First, you need to figure out how high you would like your gift box. Also, decide on its width.
  2. Subsequently, we will use some math and add the height from both sides of the box. We will do the same with width. The measurements will be of one dimension of the entire piece of cardstock.
  3. It’s time to decide the depth of the box.
  4. For that, you will again use the help of math by adding the depth and height of both sides of the box.
  5. These will be the same measurements for the other side of the whole box.
  6. Cut the box according to the measurements you have taken.
  7. Calculate the height of the container borders from each end of the huge piece of cardstock with the ruler.
  8. Do this on every corner.
  9. Use a pencil to draw the lines connecting to the marks you have just made.
  10. This way, you will see a square or a rectangle in the centre and a perfect square at the edges/corners according to your preferred measurements.
  11. Utilize the scissors to cut one of the edges of the four squares at every four corners.
  12. Fold these edges along the scored line.
  13. Stick them with a glue
  14. Make the top of the box precisely the same way.
  15. However, make the edges of the cover shorter so you can see the gorgeous bottom box and the middle cube just a *hair* larger.
  16. We’re just talking about a 1/16′′ difference.
  17. Above all, this should be only sufficient enough to allow the top to glide over the base box without collapsing the side walls.

Finally, that’s it! We know some directions must have been a headache and may have reminded you of geometry classes. But honestly, it is easy if you keep following the steps and making custom cardboard boxes printing. Moreover, you will be happy with your hard work and easily make the other batches.


Hopefully, this would have helped you make the best gift box with the utilization of cardboard. Fill these cardboard boxes with gifts and excite the special one. Make every occasion successful with these beautiful cardboard gift containers. Along with this, make the receiver feel special with your handmade wraps.

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