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You’re almost to the finish line. It’s the final stretch of your search for a new home, townhouse, or condominium. The final walk-through is your final opportunity to inspect your new home and property from top to bottom and ensure that you are satisfied before your movers in Perth arrive. Use this new house final walk-through checklist to ensure you don’t miss any important aspects — and that you don’t get any unpleasant surprises when you get your keys to your new home.

  • What is the purpose of a final walk-through?
  • Who will be present during the final walk-through?
  • What should you bring with you on your last walk-through?
  • What should you be looking for on your last walk-through?
  • What is the aim of a final walk-through?

Before we get started on your final walk-through checklist, it’s crucial to understand the distinctions between the final walk-through and the house inspection you just finished. A home inspection offers you the opportunity to ask the seller to make any necessary house repairs. You may confirm that the agreed-upon repairs from the house inspection have been executed during the final walk-through.Since the inspection, the home’s condition has remained unchanged.

The property is in good working order.

If there has been a severe storm, rain, or strong winds since the inspection, it is extremely vital to undertake a complete walk-through.

The final walk-through is one of the last chores you must accomplish before closing on your new property – usually on the day of closing or shortly after the seller has left.

Who will be present during the final walk-through?

You’re eager to clinch the deal. You may be tempted to skip the final walk-through, but it’s critical that all purchasers attend and actively engage in the walk-through — and that all of the checklist items are checked off. Your real estate agent will also accompany you on the walk-through.

What should you bring with you on your last walk-through?

There are a few items you should bring with you to your new home’s final walk-through. These things will enable you to take notes (for the vendor or for your own records), photograph any damage, and refer to the contract conditions you agreed to.

  • The agreement. During the walk-through, make sure you have a copy of your contract with you for
  • A notebook, to be precise. To keep organised, take comprehensive notes with dates and
  • A mobile phone or a camera. Keep a record of the condition of your new
  • The charger for your phone. It will prevent you from running out of battery when taking photos and may also be used to test your electrical
  • The report of the inspection. The inspection report will remind you of the repairs that the seller agreed to do, so you can double-check that they were completed. Pro tip: Request that the seller supply you with copies of receipts and warranties from the agreed-upon work that was conducted through your real estate
  • Sticky notes or blue painter’s tape If your house is brand new, you can mark any unfinished sections for the builder with blue painter’s tape. Otherwise, using sticky notes to identify issue areas for the seller’s reference is an excellent
  • Your representative! If you’re a first-time homebuyer, make sure your real estate agent attends the final walk-through with you. They’ll assist you in making sure you’ve covered all of the items on your checklist.

What should you be looking for on your last walk-through?

Today is the big day. To make sure you cover every aspect of the home, establish a game plan with your real estate agent. Work your way down the home, room by room, until you’ve checked out every room (including the basement, attic, and crawl spaces!).A average walk-through should take no more than 30 minutes. Make sure you tick these items off your to-do list.

Examine the walls, floors, and ceilings from every angle.

Damage might occur during the move or become apparent after the vendor has left. Nail holes, bracket marks, peeling paint, and other damage may be seen once the artwork, televisions, and decorations have been removed from the walls. When the furniture is removed, scratches on the floor or stains hidden beneath carpets may become visible. Additionally, water damage from the removal of appliances may appear. Inspect all of these problem locations to see if there is any large-scale damage that the seller should be aware of. All windows and doors should be open.

Make sure all of the windows, doors, locks, and latches are working before entering any room. Windows and doors should open easily and not be painted shut because this is a fire hazard. Check to see if the screens, blinds, and any other window coverings function properly. This may appear to be a large undertaking, but breaking it down by room and working as a team will expedite the process. Also, make sure the garage doors are in good working order.

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