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The main purpose of food is to provide us with energy and also help the body with the functioning of basic activities like the beating of the heart, digestion of the ingested food, assimilation of nutrients etc. Similarly, certain parts of the body have a higher concentration of minerals which are required by the individual to strengthen those particular parts. For example, Vitamin B 12 is required for red blood cell formation hence for the well-being of the spleen we need to take vitamin B12 to maintain the same.

When it comes to hair has several functions apart from just lending beauty to an individual. Let us understand them in detail



  1. RETAINS MOISTURE:  A reputed doctor at a reputed Hair Transplant Clinic in Vizag explains “The one major function of the hair follicles is to maintain moisture into the hair follicles and prevent the release of oils thereby preventing the organs within the skull from drying up and also maintaining the levels of hydration having dandruff in your hair is a signal that the moisture within the dermal layer of the skull has begun to dry up and hence the glands are producing more oil than before which then attracts microorganisms to come and feed on your cells. 
  2. PREVENTS THE ENTRY OF MICROORGANISMS INTO THE SKIN-  Hair is both visible and invisible or very thin hair on the scalp while the visible hair traps the debris from entering the skin, the thin hairs prevent the entry of harmful microorganisms into the skin and the brain. 



  1. VITAMIN B: Vitamin b also known as biotin is useful for stimulating hair growth follicles, the natural sources of biotin include bananas, nuts, and nut butter, however the source of the nutrition also depends upon the medium of transmission, like nowadays all nutrition owing to the pace of industrialization everything is adulterated hence searching for an authentic source might be difficult.
  2. VITAMIN C: Vitamin c is one of the key elements which is essential for the absorption of Iron into the system, it contains essential amino acids that help build the structure of keratin within the hair present and also strengthens a person’s immune system.
  3. VITAMIN D: A dermatologist who has assisted quite a few Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag explains .“The most common source of Vitamin d is the sunlight that is available from the early morning wee hours up to 8:30 post the available sunlight is consisting of harmful UV RAYS.”
  4. IRON: Iron is an important element while trying to get good hair because for any organ to function properly it needs to have a proper supply of oxygen to the system, hence the Iron present in our blood cells transports oxygen to various parts of the body also it gives them the ability and the space to grow and nourish hence iron is an important component while one is trying to get good hair.



Herbal supplements or natural sources all depends on the body type, and the availability of natural resources therefore it is always advisable to consult a doctor before taking any kind of medications, pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0