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Investing in real estate isn’t easy, like going to the market and picking what you want due to the sheer intense competition for homes in many locations. Today’s real estate investors must be resourceful, which often means hunting for off-market properties. “Off-market” in real estate can refer to either a property that is not for sale or one that is for sale but not listed. In most cases, “off-market” refers to a property that hasn’t been listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) by a real estate agent. For many reasons, a seller might opt not to advertise their home. Let’s have a look at them:

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  • In a seller’s market, sellers frequently have the option of waiting for a reasonable offer before selling. Some markets are so competitive that agents and potential buyers contact homeowners with bids on their properties even if they aren’t for sale. Read more about Kingdom Valley.
  • If the seller has renters and does not want to warn them that the house is for sale, a residence in the early stages of foreclosure may not be listed.
  • The seller may employ a real estate agent to promote the home privately in what is known as a pocket listing. In this situation, agents may approach clients directly with the listing or share pocket listings with a restricted group of area agents.
  • Listings from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) must be available for viewing. If a seller is unavailable for showings, they may take a home off the market temporarily. A listing agent will adjust the status to “temporarily off-market” in this scenario.

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Since we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s look at the advantages of off-market properties. Many people ask why a seller would try to “secretly” sell, yet there are many solid reasons to buy and sell off-market properties. Let’s have a look:

  • The first benefit is that you will reduce commissions. Although real estate commissions are continuously adjustable, the seller typically pays a sales commission of 6% when a property is listed for sale on the MLS. In a traditional commission split, the seller’s broker gets half of the commission, and the buyer’s broker gets the other half.
  • Another incentive to acquire or sell off-market properties is the desire for privacy. When you post a home on the MLS, everyone is aware that it is for sale and the asking price and other facts such as the home’s age and size, recent updates or needed repairs, and property taxes. The more individuals who know about a home being sold to another average homeowner, the better.
  • On the other hand, off-market property listings can make perfect sense for people who seek privacy and discretion. Celebrities and athletes, understandably, do not want their homes to be scrutinized by the general public.
  • The same is applicable for real estate investors who are looking to sell a rental property. The primary motivation for investors to buy property is to generate rental income. If a renter learns that you’re selling, they may try to break the lease or stop taking care of the property, lowering the home’s value and the price you’re likely to receive.
  • Sellers can target the most prospective customers by selling and buying off-market and avoid dealing with inexperienced listing agents who don’t understand investment real estate.


Compared to typical MLS listings, off-market properties can provide several significant benefits to both buyers and sellers. Because listings are private, there is less competition from unqualified buyers, and both sides can devote more time to crafting a transaction that works for them. Investors also benefit from the privacy of conducting business away from the general public, as tenants are not inconvenienced by real estate agent showings or outsiders knocking on the door.

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