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Old-School Event Marketing Tactics

Event planners and hosts can capitalize on a multitude of event marketing strategies, including online and offline techniques. However, it would be best if you went for the effective ones and worked out the best for your organization. Many believe old offline techniques are less effective than current online and social media advertising. However, they should dig deeper into the perspective to find out that there is some spark present in the bucket. This post will reveal old-school event marketing tactics that are still effective for your upcoming event. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Old-school event marketing tactics:

Various event planners often neglect old-school offline marketing tactics as they are believed to be less effective in the current dynamic times. However, not all of them are obsolete; some are still effective and can generate the desired results. It takes some effort to dig deeper into the list and pick out the ones with the light in them. You don’t need any research, as we have compiled these strategies for you. Let us dive deep into the list without any further ado!

1. Direct mail:

The email was used to reach potential prospects and attendees before a corporate event. However, the start of the current decade declared this method to be outdated, and event planners started exploring online techniques like social media marketing. It would be best if you remembered that direct mailing your potential attendees can still work out for you.

Event planners can launch an email campaign and reach millions of prospects and attendees before the big day. “There are many great reasons to use direct mail campaigns to market your event. For one thing, it’s a tangible way to connect with event attendees, giving them a physical, emotional, and mental interaction with your brand. It’s also a tactic that many marketers forego, which means you compete with fewer stimuli than in the digital marketing space,” – says Annie Fernandez, Marketing Director at AMI.

2. Work on targeted print aids:

Repurposing internet ads for print publications can help you save some money. However, to attract attention and visitors to your event, you must pick regional papers and trade journals that appeal to your target market. Don’t forget to pay attention to location. Your advertisement may not be seen if placed in the wrong place or on the back page.

It has been said so many times that print is dead that it is essentially the Lazarus of the advertising business. Although print magazines have lost some of their appeals, the sector as a whole is still thriving. The key to getting the most out of print advertising is to intelligently choose the platform and placement of your adverts. It would be best to hire event management companies in Dubai if you want assistance with your event marketing game!

3. Clever promotional items:

Posting flyers is frequently at the top of people’s lists when they think offline marketing. However, this broad approach isn’t very productive, and most of your advertisements will probably get thrown out. A better option would be for you and your meeting planner to go outside the box regarding swag that advertises your company and future event.

Giving away freebies like magnets for refrigerators, pens, totes, t-shirts, and other appealing goods will likely increase the positive buzz for your event. It will also help spread your message much further because people are more likely to keep and utilize these items. Why not focus on promotional items to spread your word?

4. Networking at other events:

Another offline marketing technique is to establish connections with your potential attendees at other events. It’s undeniably simpler to network online, where you may meet new people and stay in touch with the least amount of effort. It would be best if you acknowledged that in-person interactions are frequently a lot more interesting and memorable.

Consider going to industry events with comparable demographics where attendees might be interested in learning more about your event if you want to supplement your online efforts with some face-to-face interaction. You are likely to get a great response if you spend time at meet-and-greets getting to know people and informing them about your event.

The idea might sound challenging for you as it takes special effort to execute. However, you can join hands with professional events companies and allow them to help you on various fronts like event marketing and planning endeavors. It is best to leave the task to an expert than to wear multiple hats.

Foster brighter connections with your event attendees!

Establishing a strong connection with your event attendees is crucial for your next event. However, it will only come by if you focus on your current event and ensure streamlined experiences. Hire professional event organizers in Dubai to make your current event memorable and establish better connections with your future prospects.

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By Kieran Edwards

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