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Improve UX

You seem to know what user experience (UX) is all about. UX is the overall experience a visitor undergoes on a website or in a mobile app.

UX is not a single design element or layout that contributes to the user experience. Instead, it is an interplay of many elements, eliciting positive or negative feelings about the website and, hence the company.

The emotional effect UX design imparts to users impacts the brand identity, consumer retention and revenues.

Moreover, many consumers regard a website design as a top indicator of credibility, an attribute that helps brands attract new customers and prompts them to return.

You can improve user experience in the following ways:

Consistent Branding

Consistent branding is essential to achieving a design that provides a good user experience.

With consistent branding, the user experience designs can attract qualified leads that get converted easily to increase the revenue.

In addition, a consistent visual identity across every platform can result in an enjoyable brand that visitors want to engage with more and more.

Notably, the production of a visual identity is not complex. And, the good user interface design companies usually use a recognizable colour palette and images that provide value apart from providing information to users.

Such designs have consistent typography and branding for each page of the website, creating a stable user environment.

The stability in the environment helps users find the products or information quickly and without distraction.

A typical example of an excellent user experience design is Walmart’s website. It represents a standard platform of consistent branding and robust user experience design.

With a simple design and an easily navigable website, users find shopping products on the website convenient.

Besides, the website’s responsiveness makes it appear in significant ways on desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Use Calls to Action (CTA)

You have to make users know what to do with CTA buttons. But, there are a few ways to make CTA buttons work, such as:

  • Make buttons fully clickable, and do not use small buttons, instead use large buttons
  • Messages should be easy to understand and concise and use simple and common words
  • Users should quickly understand what will happen after they click on the button
  • Keep the entire CTA short and sweet
  • Font should be large and readable, and the Sans-Serif family is the best. Do not use trendy fonts
  • Make the CTA button stand out by using a unique shape that attracts the attention of users
  • Use design elements, such as arrows
  • Provide some white space

Create for Consumers

As you know that the website is for consumers and not for the company, you should consider the customer journey and experience before adding any features or implementing any changes.

The designer should ensure that the design caters to customers and make their experience good.

Therefore, it is essential to do customer research before implementing a new design. The study will help the design team determine the factors that are relevant to the customers.

Again, it is wrong to believe that a beautiful design is sufficient to make the user experience good. A beautiful design can improve the user experience only if it is interactive and convenient.

You should engage a trusted UX audit agency to review your design and recommend any changes, if necessary.

The Final Say

User experience can play a significant role in growing businesses. A good user experience helps attract qualified leads and attain lead conversions, increasing revenues. But, the design must be appropriate to impart a good overall experience for visitors. And the tips shared in this article can help create a good user experience design.

By John

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