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We have all witnessed the trend which has taken place in the past 10 yrs about eating organic, eating healthy, staying close to nature, living naturally, unification of the mind body and soul etc. The reason for worry is that people get even more influenced when they see their favourite celebrities, public figures or so-called “social media influencers “ showcasing or endorsing a particular brand they get even more carried away.

A very popular Homeopathic Doctor in Ludhiana clearly explains “ Every body type is different, in this digital age it is very easy to buy herbal supplements online, but people need to understand that something that may suit and individual may not suit another for example person working in a construction site or the fields it is ok for him/her to digest a plate full of rice whereas for someone working in an office the excess of calories is going to be stored in the form of fat. Hence it is always wise to consult a doctor or a physician before taking arriving at a decision.


But what is causing this shift from inorganic to organic, why didn’t people realize the worth of natural elements earlier?? Why is it that now we are claiming our authority over natural therapy? Let us discuss the main reasons for the same

  1. We as humans often tend to seek validation from people outside, it is not something to frown at it is nature, we don’t even notice our physical features like eyes, nose, ears, and hair until a person anyone apart from our loved ones makes us aware about the same. Similarly, we have off late started to get recognition from universities abroad for research in Ayurveda and alternative medicine which is why now self-realization has come to us.
  2. With social media and its reach, people because of social media have started to become more aware of the horrors of adulteration and the malpractices involved in the allopathic medicine-making industry, and hence have turned to alternative medicine.
  3. One of the country’s most popular medicine specialists at a well-known Homeopathic clinic in Mumbai explains “ allopathy is more like an addiction, the disease-causing virus is silent or in a state of dormancy as long as the medication is on” once the medication has been stopped it relapses back into its original form with double force and increases the trouble twice. “
  4. All cells in the body have a layer of fat attached to them to protect them against any kind of intrusion or disease-causing germs, the more and more we include, processed food including additives, chemicals, and inorganic substances the layer of fat goes on adding which gives rise to obesity and belly fat. Belly fat is the reason for most the modern day problems like PCOS, high blood pressure and heart disease. Just the way belly fat has developed over the years it will reduce over the years hence once needs to maintain proper diet, proper food and exercise to avoid its appearance., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0