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QuickBooks Update Error

QuickBooks is an accounting software that is becoming every professional’s preference now. It is useful in multiple ways, and the users can use it in single or multi-user modes. The software can ease tasks from arranging the financial data to paying taxes all in one go. In addition to that, fulfilling payroll tasks and other accounting activities can see a proper execution with this single software.

However, QuickBooks also requires regular updates and the user must not ignore them to maintain the proper functioning of the software. Regular updates are necessary to fix the common bugs and add new elements to the QB software. But, the only hurdle that a QB user can face while updating it is the QuickBooks update error. It can appear in various forms, such as QB error 12157, QB error 1603, error PS038, 404 etc. Moreover, the code that appears on the screen will depend on the cause behind the update error. For example, if it’s an update error relating to the payroll it may show error PS038.

Causes for the QB Update Errors

Updating the QB software is a necessity to maintain the high standards of the software. Moreover, the process is also simple as long as no QB update errors come up.

Any user can update the QB software manually or through the automatic updates feature. However, if a user chooses to ignore the causes behind the update error, it might appear and cause an obstruction. Therefore, keeping an eye on the common causes can help identify and prevent the error in time.

Below are a few common causes:

  1. If there are incorrect date and time settings on the Windows PC: If the date and time settings are not set as per the internet time, the QB software would not connect to the server properly. Therefore, an update error may occur in such a case.
  2. If the windows firewall causes an obstruction: The Windows firewall preventing the QB software to update is another common reason. When the firewall configuration is not set properly, it can cause an obstruction by preventing any new updates.

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Troubleshooting Steps that can Fix QB Update Errors

  1. The first step to resolving the QuickBooks update error is to ensure that the date and time are in sync with the internet time. When the display shows a difference in the date and time settings, the user must right-click on it and select the Adjust Date and Time option.
  2. Thereon, unmark the ‘Set the Time Automatically’ slider box and click on the ‘Change option’. Next, move on to set the correct date and time along with the right time zone. Once the process finishes, open the QB software and try downloading the updates again.
  3. The second way is to ensure that the internet connection is proper. Before you do that, first you must check if the issue is due to the internet connection. You can visit a safe website and check for the same.
  4. If you cannot access the website or if it shows the ‘Unable to Connect’ message, you need to open the Help option in QuickBooks. From there, choose the ‘Internet Connection Setup’ and move on to the Advanced Connection Settings. Now, select the restore Advanced Settings option and finish it by hitting the Ok and Done buttons.

Summing Up

Any user can resolve the QuickBooks update error simply by following the ways above. However, despite following that, if the error persists, you can contact our experts by dialling the 1.855.738.2784.

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