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Role of the subcontractors quantity surveyor

Making balance from beginning to end of a project is all about the Role of a Quantity Surveyor in modern days. While the subcontractor’s quantity surveyors role would be very similar to that of a builder quantity surveyor, they would be tasked with many of the above-mentioned activities rather the only difference is that the QS won’t deal with the client to ensure best deals for the project.

Sometimes working with a subcontractor may involve more frequent trips to the site during the week to keep the project on track with client requirements and update improvement and new strategies. When subcontractor’s quantity surveyors role  any project he can work more than one if they are quite similar.

As an example, if a Quantity Surveyor is working for as an electrical subcontractor he must deal with different electrical project. This won’t be difficult to manage or control multiple project when he wanted to specialize in that trade, and it finally helps to gain better position or career progression in this trade.

Role of the dispute resolutions or claims quantity surveyor

Regardless of acquire or concur the administrations of project workers or subcontractors who work on the development of the undertaking a Quantity Surveyor work for consultancy to be office based and work typical office hour or those who are employed by contractors tend to be based in temporary offices on construction sites and go out on site often the QS make daily repot of their wrong hours and payments.

If there arise any disputes a quantity surveyor will assist with terms of the contacts or the conduct of a party are unclear. From explaining various source of commercial dispute to analyze tender document or pre-determined budget is responsibility of a Quantity Surveyor and complete the project timely.

To find the root cause of the problem and best solution, advice, and alternative  on the dispute to resolve the dispute between the clients and other parties. 

Work experience is essential to tackle this kind of problem. While a Quantity Surveyor generally have the good number of years experience in the industry will be required to diligently and fairly resolve the dispute that arises in various time of a running project.

We hope above-mentioned activities and the QS working on various stage of any project have given you a good insight into which roles a quantity surveyor play within the industry. Thank you for rereading our blog on the roles of a quantity surveyor in construction.


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