Okavango Delta

Canadian oil and gas organization ReconAfrica has started penetrating upstream from one of thworld’s most flawless areas of natural life.

The Okavango Delta has been known as the most stunning put on the planet. It’s home to a portion of the world’s most imperiled species, including lions, cheetahs, and white and dark rhinoceros, as well as Africa’s biggest excess elephant populace. It’s an Unesco-safeguarded site of Outstanding Universal Value, one of the most biodiverse locales in all of Africa, and the fundamental wellspring of water for 1,000,000 individuals and presently, it’s in danger from oil and gas penetrating.

ReconAfrica is digging test wells along the Okavango River, 160 miles upstream from the Okavango Delta, in order to track down petroleum derivatives. Furthermore, in addition to any petroleum products: the organization projects that the site could hold the biggest oil field ever, with an expected 120 billion barrels of oil. Furthermore, it deteriorates: they hold licenses to investigate in excess of 13,000 square miles in the locale. In the event that the investigation is fruitful, the watershed prompting the immaculate, all around the world prized wetlands of the Okavango Delta could before long be home to messy non-renewable energy source extraction tasks.

Coordinators on the ground are organizing a valiant grassroots insubordination to the undertaking, with developing help from the worldwide alliance of activists. This moment’s the opportunity to join the alliance, stand up, and support them. Here’s the reason:

What’s in question:

Environment strength: the projected Okavango saves are so tremendous they would give over three years of the whole globe’s present yearly oil use.

Natural life, including imperiled species: the area upholds numerous intriguing and jeopardized species, including an elephant hallway. Elephants are known for their aversion to seismic movement and seismic testing will be an essential piece of the undertaking.

Biodiversity: the Okavango Delta is a desert garden of biodiversity with no outlet, so harmful synthetics delivered into it could stay as long-lasting poisons.

Worldwide equity: boring the Okavango is neocolonialism best case scenario. This sort of double-dealing of unfortunate countries by rich ones is just conceivable in light of the fact that for quite a long time, European countries took advantage of and purposely immature African provinces, leaving them helpless against additional double-dealing.

Human territory and jobs: there are in excess of 600 working ranches on the land authorized to ReconAfrica, which stand to have their solidness and water supply dirtied and as per the UN, Namibia is as of now confronting critical food frailty.

Step by step instructions to TAKE ACTION: FROM HOME


Add your name to Rainforest Rescue’s appeal to the heads of Namibia and Botswana to keep the oil business out of the Okavango.

Bring issues to light by tweeting your help utilizing the hashtags #SavetheOkavangoDelta and #StopReconAfrica


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