What is the scope of digital marketing in India? This is one of the most common questions among newbies. Today in this article, I am going to tell you about the scope of the digital marketing field in 2022 and beyond 2022.

Today, every business house needs a skilled & professional digital marketer so it’s going to create a lot of job opportunities in the near future. If you are someone who has completed a digital marketing course and is able to help businesses to grow then there is a great scope for you. Let’s go deeper and learn more about the scope of digital marketing.

Brands are Using Digital Marketing

According to Harshil Karia of Schbang, even the biggest brands are going to spend 50% of their marketing spend on digital. For example, if a brand has a marketing budget of 50 Crore that means 25 crores are going to spend on digital.

You can see the scope of digital marketing from the above statement of Harshil Karia. If brands are ready to spend their 50% budget on digital that means it has some value. And In fact, this 50% will become 70% to 90% in the future.

Digital marketing has huge scope and a lot of opportunities. It only depends on how you use these opportunities for your benefit. Always try to do things that most people are not doing and you will have a great future ahead.

Everybody is Online

In 2022, when everybody is online, we have no option better than digital marketing. Today, there are 6567 million mobile phone users worldwide. According to Statista, this number will increase to 7690 million by 2027. I think these numbers are enough to show you the scope of digital marketing.

Today, it become comparatively easy to market a product than before. Your customers are online, you can target them using paid ads and sell your product. It all depends on you whether you take this opportunity or just miss it.

Ask yourself how many hours you spend on any electronic device like mobile, laptop, computer, etc, and think of the scope of digital marketing. We do not have any other choice than marketing online because everybody is there. So don’t think much about scope, this field has a lot of opportunities for everyone. Your job is to just grab those opportunities.

Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective

Unlike traditional marketing, digital is more cost-effective and ROI-focused. Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose a person started a business in 1990. He has no option of marketing except through billboards, newspapers, radio & or television. These ads cost a lot of money and do not guarantee any results, it becomes very difficult for that person to do marketing.

But in the case of digital, everything is trackable. Digital marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing. In digital, we have the option to target different demographics, interests, hobbies, etc. You can see how much return you are getting for your ad spend and who are watching your ads. So the point is the scope of digital marketing is very bright. It is here & it will be here.

Future is Digital

You are living in the golden time of history. The future of digital marketing is just started. After covid, the mobile & internet users has shown a rapid growth worldwide. Today everybody is using mobile whether it is a 2 -3 years old kid or 90 years old grandma.

So no doubt, there is a huge scope for digital marketing. It’s a promising field. You can start your career today and in a few years, you can become the industry leader. It all depends upon one’s capability. How much effort is he ready to put in the work? The scope and success depend on that.


To conclude the article, digital marketing has great scope in the future. If you are someone who wants to start their career in this field, you can take this opportunity to build your fortunes.

Digital marketing practices are continuously growing and evolving. If you are habitual in adapting to new changes, you can enter this industry. People with a learning attitude will always have scope in this field.

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By Rajat

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