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In general, we as human beings know the importance of putting clean, natural, and healthy food and other materials into our bodies. When we do not, we can feel ill in various ways, have low performance, and have a host of other negative effects. Simply put, when we take care of what goes into our bodies, we feel our best because we are our healthiest!

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We also have the luxury of being able to take specific supplements in order to make us even stronger and healthier. We take vitamins and various other products, which greatly assist us in getting proper nutrition. But what about our pets?

It’s no secret that dogs and cats live to certain ages (and never long enough for us!). Fortunately, there are ways in order to potentially extend their lifespan but making them healthier pets.

In order for them to reach optimal health, they should be provided with a healthy diet, drink enough water, have an appropriate amount of exercise for their breed, and take natural supplements for pets.

Yes, that’s right– there are natural supplements for pets! Now, your cat or dog can be the healthiest possible because they need and deserve it.

But what are some of the most vital supplements that your pet should take? Let’s look at the top three supplements that pets should take and see why they’re so beneficial to their health.

1. Fish Oil
Many people take fish oil supplements because they are high in Omega-3s, which improve your eye and brain development while also fight heart disease. It’s certainly one powerful pill. Therefore, it can also be one for your pets as well.

Fish oil can assist your pet in similar ways, but in other ways as well. It can provide your dog or cat with a shinier, healthier, and smoother coat while also having a positive effect on their skin, especially those with allergies.

Just like fish oil can do for humans, it can also reduce inflammation in your dog and cat, which could potentially lead to improving joint and heart health along with arthritis pain relief.

2. Probiotics
Just like so many humans, there are plenty of pets out there with gastrointestinal issues. They can suffer from excessive gas, diarrhea, bloating, and other such painful and bothersome afflictions. These can be caused by preexisting conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, or more sporadic occurrences, like stress and anxiety.

Of course, we want to alleviate these issues for our beloved pets. In come probiotics to the rescue! Probiotics can effectively promote and support the gastrointestinal tract by introducing more beneficial microscopic organisms, alleviating these uncomfortable symptoms.

3. Antioxidants
We all know that antioxidants are great for human beings, but they can be especially so for our cats and dogs. This is because they are exposed to even more free radicals that can be harmful to them and their overall health. With the assistance of antioxidants, they can effectively fight off the negative effects of these particles.

Not only that but introducing antioxidants to your cat or dog can provide them with even more sensational advantages. Antioxidants, such as Vitamin A, E, and C can counteract the negatives of the aging process, like memory loss and reduced cognition. They can also reduce inflammation and assist in animals’ heart disease.

When you are looking to add fish oil, probiotics, or antioxidants to your pet’s diet, you should seriously consider the natural supplements for pets at Animal Essentials. They have the most beneficial supplements for your pets that are completely natural so they can be their healthiest and happiest adorable selves.

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