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3 simple steps to pay your loan EMIs online with Bajaj Finance


With the progress of digitisation, there will be approximately 150 million online banking users before the end of 2021, accounting for an addition of more than 100 million users since 2017. 

In this regard, accessing financial services, loan management, EMI payment, online purchase, checking offers, and more have become convenient as reputed financiers offer their dedicated mobile applications and web portals to check information related to finance within seconds.

Bajaj Finserv, for instance, has introduced its dedicated customer portal My Account, which has boosted customers’ engagement in different financial services. Customers can now make Bajaj Finance loan payment in a mere few steps via this platform.

To make EMI payments with Bajaj Finance via My Account, individuals can refer to the guide below. They can also download the My Account app to make a loan payment through mobile at their convenience.

Step 1 – Users first need to log in to the Bajaj Finance My Account portal by entering their registered phone number. After that, they will receive an OTP to authenticate the number entered.

Step 2 – Next, they will need to click on the customer “Account information” and the “Online Payment” option.

Step 3 – After that, select the “EMI and Overdue payment” option. Doing so, they will receive an SMS with a host of payment options. Select the payment mode, enter requisite details and authorise this EMI payment.

The payment can also be carried out via the Bajaj Finserv My Account App, which can be downloaded via Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. 

You can conveniently process your missed EMI payment with this online app and track your payment’s status, receive notifications for Bajaj Finance overdue payment etc., everything in one place.

Benefits of using the My Account portal 

This My Account web portal extends a host of essential services, making it convenient for the customers to stay updated when managing loan payments, investments, downloading statements etc.

The following pointers focus on the significant utilities of this online customer portal –

  • Easy access to loan details 

Customers can check essential aspects of their existing loans and manage changes conveniently with the help of this portal. Doing so will help them detect mismatches instantly and ensure adjustments.

It helps users to monitor loan statements and allows them to stick to the repayment schedule. Users can also gain information on their closed investments or previously borrowed credits through this portal.

  • Quick EMI payments 

The Bajaj Finance loan payment online through this portal is an effective way to manage any financial service. Customers can make monthly payments, part pre-payments or initiate foreclosure at their convenience via bajaj customer portal. Moreover, they can check the EMI schedule and receive notification of future payments from the app to manage their finances accordingly.

  • Exclusive pre-approved offers 

Existing customers can check their lucrative pre-approved offers for any specific financial product. Such specialised offers are customised and allow customers to avail an array of financial products without any complication. Moreover, such tailor-made offers can be enjoyed on several secured and unsecured credits against some basic terms and conditions.

One can check his/her pre-approved offer under the “Offers” segment by entering a few details like name and contact information.

  • Download essential documents 

Individuals can download financial documents like interest certification, NOC certificate etc., which are considered to be substantial proof for efficient fund management. Moreover, with the help of the My Account app, users can view their necessary financial documents related to existing loans, and maintain them conveniently.

Additionally, users can update their important personal details, such as contact information, via this app easily. These updates will allow financial institutions to let users know about any essential requirement so that they do not miss out on any repayment in particular.

Hence, the availability of a range of products and the ease of accessing financial documents in one place through this Bajaj My Account portal has made it a one-stop destination for consumers. Use this portal to make a wide range of financial products and services available at your fingertips and manage repayment accordingly.

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