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Single beds in Southampton

Beds play a very important role in association with one’s health. The quality of one’s sleep is directly linked with the quality of the bed and the mattress used. Beds function as the primary root for many problems linking with disturbed sleep to issues related to backaches and worsening of spinal injuries. A good bed frame with a compliant mattress that accommodates one’s needs is the essential accessory. If one lives with a partner, then the needs of both partners should be taken into account before purchasing a bed and a mattress. However, if one lives alone then there are many options to choose from single beds in Southampton.

Going to the market without conducting proper research beforehand is a very big mistake. Similarly, when it comes to buying a bed frame, two things need to be considered before visiting any bed shop. Firstly, one should be clear about one’s own needs and requirements. To be aware of one’s demands. This allows one to shortlist the options with extreme ease. Secondly, one should at least have some basic knowledge about the types of beds available in the market. One’s self-analysis and self-awareness can help one in passing the first step. The knowledge attained from the following types of beds explained below can help with the second step:

Types of beds


Platform beds are the most accessible and easiest to have. They can be bought from any bed shop near one. The platform beds are also the most used. There are many different types of platform beds, but the most prominent feature is its flat base. It is not a compulsion to use a spring mattress on it. Rather any kind of mattress can be used on it. These beds are also cost-effective and space-friendly.


Sleigh beds slay with style. It has a high headboard and footboard. It works for any kind of themed room. Though the looks take the most points for this kind of bed. However, it has a few disadvantages too. It might be a lot pricier than normal platform beds and might provide a limited leg space too.

Storage Beds

Who does not like extra storage space? Especially, people living in cramped spaces would always want extra storage space. Thus, many beds offer this function quite efficiently. In the storage beds, there is storage space built under the beds, at the foot of the bed, sometimes in the headboards as well. These storage spaces can be draws or boxes, where one can store books, clothes, shoes, and other accessories. There are many advantages of having a storage bed but its large size can make it harder to clean and move. However, one can ask the shop to customize the draws built in the storage space in a way that’s easy to move and clean.

Four Poster Canopy

It would not be wrong to say, that every little girl has dreamed about a princess-styled, four-poster canopy bed in their childhood. The four-poster canopy-styled beds are back in style with a sleek and modern outlook. As dreamy as this bed is, its size can make it difficult to move and clean. If one wants a cozy and luxury vibe-emitting bed, then this is the right bed for one. Be aware, that it’s going to require an extra step when it comes to its maintenance.



Multiple functionalities are the need of today. With progressing technology, everyone wants things that can be used for different things at the same time. This kind of efficient machinery also comes in beds. Day beds are multipurpose beds that can be used as a bed as well as a sofa. Living in a constrictive and small apartment, a person needs to be very conscious about the utilization of space. Daybeds will not only save space but also cost a piece of extra furniture.

Thus, many different factors need to be considered before buying the bed. Bed frame and the material of the bed. One needs to be aware of the sturdiness and longevity of the material that’s used to make the bed. The type of material used will also identify the type of mattress it will need. The size and space of one’s room are also very important. One cannot have a four-poster canopy-styled bed in a cramped space. Similar to the size of the room, the style of the room should also be considered before buying the bed. So, the bed doesn’t stand out oddly rather gives off a unified vibe., pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0