An entire civilization wore out with the tap of a finger. Continents disregarded with a casual swipe. The hordes of hell are unleashed with barely a second’s thought. Killing billions at the identical time as you wait at a bus stop. Solar Smash is an electricity fantasy, herbal and simple. Letting you tap into the poor issue of your inner infant through the method of blowing quiet. A few planets to bits in little by little ridiculous and unique fashion. This free-to-play simulation game has become advanced through the method of Paradyme Games. The creators of similar “destruction” video games like City Smash, Room Rampage.Has over 10 million downloads on Android devices alone.

If lockdown has been wearing you down and you experience letting off some steam. This may be the game for you. In that case, we’ve organized this Solar Smash guide to help spark your imagination. Permit you to get the most out of your unstable toolkit. If you’d need to unwind with some similarly basic titles. Check out our list of superb mobile idle video games.
solar smash tips and tricks


If you’re keen to wreak some intergalactic havoc, you could do so at the links under:

Solar Smash iOS: App Store

solar Smash Android: Google Play

Solar Smash PC: MemuPlay

solar Smash APK: APKPure


Paradyme recently uploaded a video showcasing the planet-destroying functionality of their simulator.


Now that you’ve been given Solar Smash, here’s a gaggle of tips, tricks, and cheats to help get you started.

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Planet Smash

In this exercise mode, you could choose out amongst seven pre-set planets to ruin or customize your own. Your gadget is classed through the manner of the method of four specific icons on the right-hand.

Firstly, you have natural phenomena, represented through the manner of the method of a spiral pattern. Here, you have to get proper access to meteorites, black holes, meteor showers, and moons. That you could hurl like significant bowling balls. Secondly, there’s weaponry, letting you unleash a rocket barrage, hearthplace explosives, or guide a devastating laser during planet surfaces.

Thirdly, the aircraft icon places you on top of things like UFOs, which fly near a planet’s ground and attack, or a dramatic planet-destroying satellite. Finally, you could unleash one in each of Lovecraftian monsters – each a writhing mass of tentacles that rips out a planet’s center or an impossibly massive space bug that tunnels under the ground of a planet.

You can mix-and-healthy as quite a few that gadget as you like – it’s perfectly acceptable, for example, to let loose a dozen monsters on one aspect of Earth at the identical time as you deliver a fleet of UFOs. A cluster of black holes to the distinctive, despite the fact that your frame price may also take a hit. However, you could continuously reset your planet through the manner method of tapping the rewind icon at the bottom left of the display. Changing the settings of your photo withinside the menu to decorate performance.

It’s moreover virtually nicely really well worth noting that you could manage time in this mode, each pausing, slowing down. Dashing up the motion through the manner of the method of tapping the icons at the top of the display.


When you choose positive weapons like meteorites, rockets, or the laser beam, a cog icon will appear withinside the bottom-right corner of the display. Here, you could customize your weapon of choice. For example, you could develop the scale of your laser beam and extrude its color, make meteorites have a larger place of impact or excursion faster, or develop the damage radius of missiles. You may also even launch as many as 100 missiles straight away and watch the kill counter, represented through the method of a red skull icon at the bottom of the display, skyrocket. You monster.

Planetary customization is reasonably limited, letting you modify your planet’s color scheme, decide how quite a few its ground place is water or land, and modify its brightness.

System Smash

In this exercise mode, you could efficiently wipe out the solar system. The default setting, indicated through the manner of the method of a blue icon withinside the top right, lets you skip the sun and planets like marbles. You actually tap on your preferred celestial frame, drag your finger withinside the route you want it to go, and launch, sending planets on collision guides with each distinctive or the sun.

By tapping the icon on the pinnacle right, you enter the orbital mode, indicated through the manner of the method of an orange hue. When you tap on a planet in this mode, you are aware of a line representing its orbital pattern. You can shift the patterns through the manner of the method of dragging and releasing your finger to engineer interplanetary collisions, despite the fact that keeping in mind that converting the sun’s orbit has a huge impact on distinctive planets withinside the system. As in planet smash, you could reset your improvement with the rewind icon.

NOTE: Solar Smash is a quite easy recreation however gives little to no education at all. Players that need to determine what they want if you want to break whole planets and sun structures extra correctly would possibly want extra statistics to rely upon rather than simply spamming random weapons. After all, there’s an order to chaos. This is in particular genuine while the sport is designed in one of this manner that calls for one to study the specific interactions among factors in order that preferred reactions may be compelled out.

Thanks, loads for studying this guide, the choice you’ve cherished!

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