“Need to tell the truth on your part, time tells everything.” Ya, this is the first-ever post of Sonu Sood after allegations of tax evasion.

The income tax department accused Sonu Sood of tax evasion of Rs 20 crore by his charity trust for violating the provisions of the Foreign Contributions Act. After all this allegation Sonu Sood made his first post by writing “You don’t always have to tell the truth about your part, time shows everything.

Indirectly this post is linked to tax evasion as the department is charging the wrong allegation according to him. Further, he wrote that “my foundation is ready to save people’s lives and help the needy ones. I am sincerely helping the people of our country.” He further added that “I have been busy serving some guests for the last four days so you could not help people. Now I have come to help you people.” Along with this, he added a good quote that says “Kar bhala ho bhala, and bhale ka bhala.”

Sonu Sood worked very hard and saved many lives by providing beds, oxygen, remdesivir injection, and much such medical help that are not easily available in the city to the patience at the time when Corona was really at its peak.

The Income Tax Department provided some information about Sonu Sood

According to the department, Sonu Sood has saved unsecured loans from the fake companies by not showing his income, in which most of the money he used to get from the film industry. And the department has identified 20 such fake companies during their investigation. According to top officials of the department, when the executives of these companies were questioned, they admitted by affidavit that they had given bogus entry to Sonu Sood. So far, more than Rs 20 crore of income tax evasion has been reported.

By Monali

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