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Do you find it daunting to remember the fabrics you wear? I know it can be! But today is your lucky day because we have got your back! This article will teach you the top 07 clothing fabrics we all wear! And how each functions differently. Besides, it will surprise you how these fabrics have a complete joy of benefits for us! Trust me, after reading this article, you will start to think that they are more than just a fabric. So let’s swing into it.

7 Types of Fabrics We All Have:


A natural fibre that provides the softest, plusher feel to our garments. Cotton is his name; you are right! The breathable cotton material is a staple fibre. And when we say staple, it means that the cotton has variation in the length of its fibres. They emerge naturally from cotton plants. The cotton goes through a complex process, spun into yarn and then weaved into fabric. It offers softness, plushness, and durability. We wear cotton in the form of t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops etc. Cotton bed sheets and towels are also the finest products you see everywhere.


Well-known, one of man’s finest inventions, polyester is a fabric that comes into its form by combining two petrochemicals (coal and petroleum). Furthermore, there are different characteristics of polyester. Polyester offers the finest quality products that provide great durability, are breathable and, give a soft feel, tend to absorb liquids like body sweat. Sport Tek LST353LS is one of the products that have 100% polyester in it. Due to this, Sport Tek LST353LS is very popular among breathable long-sleeve tees for women.


The Canvas fabric is typically a plain-weave fabric. The construction of this fabric includes two main ingredients: Heavy Cotton Yarn (in high quantities) and linen yarn (in lesser quantities than cotton). After mixing, combining, and blending these components, Canvas get higher properties. They become water-resistant. And also provides stronger durability and becomes sturdy and stronger for heavy jobs. As Canvas has become a waterproof fabric, they are best for outdoor purposes!


Damask is reversible; either multi-colour or single colour has a Jacquard pattern and forms by combining two different weaving techniques. Industries weave different patterns into Damask. This is the reason why Damask looks so aesthetic! You can find different designs in this fabric. The creation of these designs involves a satin weave. To create the background, one of the most needed essentials is a plain, twill, or sateen weave.


A Crepe fabric and very similar to silk, Georgette shirts create the most classy and modish Eid outfit looks for all women & girls! Because of pure silk, a lightweight sheer Georgette is formed using tightly twisted yarns. It gives Georgette a slight crinkle surface with a matte, dull finishing. Last but not least, Georgette comes in a plethora of beautiful solid colours. A colourful and printed Georgette shirt is worth craving for!


Light to medium weight jersey t-shirts and sweatshirts are the go-to apparel. But do you ever wondered about how it comes into this form? Jersey originally comes from wool. Yes, the soft feel of the jersey is due to the blend of cotton with different synthetic fibres. A jersey is a stretchy, knitted fabric which comes in various apparel forms. Always feel the fabric with your touch to find the right type and highest-quality jersey. However, the right one has a smooth texture, soft feel, and a single slight rib knit. However, you can find loops on the back end.


When we hear “linen”, we get a picture of a lightweight and robust fabric. It is common material available in every home, hotel, gym, rest room, play area, etc. Made of a Flax Plant; it comes in various forms like linen bed sheets, towels, napkins, bed sheets, table cloths etc. This incredible fabric tends to absorb water and features high qualities like stronger absorbency, breathability, and maintaining body temperature.


To sum up, it is just an initial guide. You can do several other practices to better understand how a particular fabric feels or looks! Every fabric has a different feel, texture and properties. With time you can easily distinguish one from the other! Practice. Learn. Don’t give up!, pub-0848231481988338, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0