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QuickBooks Desktop Needs to Update your Company File

Company files in QuickBooks contain all the important information related to a company, including its financial records. You can easily access your company files through the QuickBooks software, but when you update QuickBooks to a newer version, the QuickBooks desktop needs to update your company file. For the company files to be accessible, they must be compatible with the version of QuickBooks. Thus, when you update your software to a later version, but the company file remains the same, you might not be able to access it. This article will help you understand the steps you need to take in order to update your company file after you get a newer version of QuickBooks. So continue to go through it and understand it until the end.

If you need immediate help updating your QuickBooks Company file, or when you are unable to access them, contact us at 1.855.738.2784 the speak to our technical experts.

What are some facts to keep in mind before updating your company file?

Before you begin to update your company file, there are certain facts that you need to remember, including:-

  1. Ensure that you are logged into your computer as an administrator and that QuickBooks has the admin rights required.
  2. If your company file is located on a different server, first copy or move it to your computer’s local drive.
  3. If another computer on your network uses an older version of QuickBooks, they must create a backup of the company file, as they might not be able to access the company file once it is updated.

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What are the steps to update your company file in QuickBooks desktop?

When you update your QuickBooks desktop to a newer version, you will need to update your company file with these steps:-

Install the newer version of the QuickBooks desktop you downloaded:-

  1. Find the file you downloaded of the new version of QuickBooks Desktop (QuickBooksDesktop.exe) and install it.
  2. Agreed to the terms and conditions and follow the instructions on your computer screen to finish the process.

Prep all of your company files using the rebuild tool:-

  1. One by one, open each company file you want to upgrade from the older version of QuickBooks and press F2 on your keyboard to open the product information window.
  2. Note down the location of your company file by looking into the file information section.
  3. Now to prep them for updating, run the rebuild tools from the utilities section of the QuickBooks file menu.

Finally, update your company file in the newer version of QuickBooks desktop:-

  1. Open the newer version of QuickBooks desktop, head to the file menu and select the open or restore company option.
  2. Now open the company file you want to upgrade by selecting open a company file and sign in to it as an administrator.
  3. Now start the upgrade by choosing the update now option and try to access your company files once the update is done.

These are the steps you need to take when QuickBooks desktop needs to update your company file. You must execute the steps in the same order as in this article to get proper results. Also, consider checking the facts you need to keep in mind before starting the process. If you still cannot update your company files, contact our technical experts’ team at 1.855.738.2784.

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