Doctor online is a time-saving process. Physical checkups are costly. They take a lot of time. Most importantly, in cases of urgency, you need to talk to a doctor online and get a prescription. Medical conditions can occur at odd hours as well. Many conditions need the immediate help of a doctor. Swellings, lumps, and discharge are such conditions. Read this article till the end to know why it is important to have a consultation for these conditions.


It is important to get yourself an appointment if you have swelling. Swelling occurs when the size of any part of the body grows. It can be because of fluid retention. Injury and inflammation also cause swelling. It can occur in tissues, joints, and limbs. The other term famous for swelling is edema. There are many reasons for this condition. You should seek medical help before the situation worsen.

Causes and Symptoms

Injury can be one of the major causes of swelling. Whenever a part of the body is injured, inflammation occurs. This is the response of our body’s immune system trying to heal us. This process helps the body in fighting against infections. The inflammation is visible on any part of the body. It is also an indication of the undergoing infection. The temperature of that area increases, and it is painful as well. Swelling of the organs is also indicative of internal swelling. It can be fatal. This is why you must refer your medic instantly. Heart, kidney, and liver diseases include the swelling of organs. This swelling follows weight gain, getting tired easily, and difficulty in breathing.

Swelling also occurs in pregnancy. In the lower and upper extremities, inflammation causes many problems. It is also an indication of a chronic lung condition. Patients with heart failure also presented with edema. It is important to rule out the possibilities for life-threatening conditions. Taking medical help will save you from a lot of stress. Cancer also involves swelling. It normally occurs on the face and hands. Your doctors might ask you to do some tests. It is important to have those tests to know what is going on inside your body. Most popular tests include an X-ray, ultrasound, urine tests, blood tests, and CT-Scan.


A lump is a protuberance on any part of the body. There are many terms for lumps. They are also famous for bumps, nodules, and tumors. Cysts and contusions are the common names for lumps. It is important to have them treated. Seeking medical help is the best way to eradicate your doubts. Finding a bump on our body will make us stop and think if it is dangerous or not. Most of the lumps are harmless. You don’t need to worry about them. Sometimes athletes, due to their extreme physical activities, have bumps on their bodies. Lumps that are non-mobile and grow smaller with size are not so serious.

Causes And Symptoms

It is important for people who have lumps to have a proper checkup. Lumps because of local infections can create problems in the long run. They appear as abscesses and boils in case of infections. These lumps are also indicative of a traumatic cause. These can be from the bites of the bugs. Hematoma also causes bumps. In benign and malignant tumors, the patients suffer from lumps. Biopsy and biological surgical removal of the bump decide whether cancer is present or not.

The disturbance of the hormones and many conditions of joints also present with lumps. If you want to get better treatment, you should book an appointment readily to know the actual cause of the lumps. Lumps are painful. They have an increased temperature than other parts of the body. They are tender. Sometimes there is a discharge from them as well. These symptoms need immediate consultation. Nervousness, runny nose, and sore throat are also symptoms of lumps affecting our system.


There are two types of discharge. A healthy vaginal discharge is common in menstruating women. The other is the abnormal discharge. The normal vaginal discharge usually stops after menopause. It is a must thing to do if you are experiencing unusual vaginal discharge. It may be indicative of an underlying infection or a sexually transmitted disease.

Causes And Symptoms

Your discharge is abnormal if it is changing color. If it does not have the consistency of healthy discharge, you need to see your doctor. Vaginitis is the major factor for this discharge. It is an infection in the vagina. Pelvic inflammatory diseases can also cause it. If anything is stuck in the vagina, it can also create problems. It also shows that you might have been douching excessively. The extra care and cleansing of the vagina also lead to abnormal discharge.

Douching increases the risk of infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and infections. Your physician will ask for some tests to know the actual issue. There are some physical exams. Some samples from the vagina are taken and placed under the microscope. Many PH tests and app smears are also common for checking what is wrong. It is likely to have more than one infection at a same time.

Taking the help of a doctor online saves you from many troubles. For urgent medical opinions, you can rely on doctors. If you have any swelling, lumps, or discharge in your body, you should consult your doctor immediately. Swelling can be a strong indication of infection. Lumps are mostly harmless, but they are seen in tumors. Abnormal discharge can be a symptom of sexually transmitted diseases.

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