Symptoms of ED in men and how to treat it
  • Marriage and good relations are not complete without a sexual relationship. But erectile dysfunction is a major issue in some persons and it affects their sexual performance, some issues coming to their sexual relationship.
  • Erectile dysfunction is the most general problem in men’s, it’s a health issue and that affects your sexual contact. Some men’s failure to maintain erection and the penis does not tighten during the sexual process.
  • This making sexual intimacy difficult since entering a powerful erection. ED is a serious issue in men’s and their sexual process. If you have an ED issue the most important thing is about their symptoms and what causes them.

Erectile dysfunction in males?

  • When a person has any issue while having sex or he is not able to live his sexual life well, then it is called erectile dysfunction. It is a major issue in males and very effective symptoms of this disease.
  • If a person who had a good erection before but is feeling erectile dysfunction for many days, then there are many such tips to maintain it which can increase your erection again and free you from erectile dysfunction.
  • Whatever the reason for feeling erectile dysfunction, it is due to the circulation of blood.

What is the frequency of erectile dysfunction?

  • One out of every ten persons suffers from erectile dysfunction. Many people’s erections fail during sex for a variety of causes, including heavy alcohol intake, smoking, stress, and a variety of other factors.
  • It is not a common thing to have an erection of less than 20%, it does not require any medical treatment.
  • If you have trouble getting an erection for more than 50% of the time, then you should contact your doctor immediately. Ed should not be a part of ageing. 

Connection of ED and Depression

  • Many persons may have erectile dysfunction issues with depression, men who suffer from ED, feel stress, anger, sadness, unsafe and sexual desire. Due to this general problem, a person loses his self-esteem and feels the most despair.
  • Try Suhagra 100mg and Vega 100 for sale for ED.
  • We can treat the stress caused by ED, and consult your partner and doctor about this issue caused by it. If you consult your partner and doctor about this issue, then you will feel better.

How Can You Boost Male Fertility Naturally?

Diet and lifestyle

  • In the human body, semen is affected in different ways. It takes a full 74 days for semen to mature and it is increasing continuously.
  • Every man wants fulfilling intimate desires. Alcohol consumption urges to work, exercise regularly, work out stress, eat a balanced diet and maintain a healthy weight.


  • Eggs help in improving the number of sperm as eggs are high in protein content and are beneficial for health. Eggs help in producing the motility of sperm and avoid the damage caused by the free ear.
  • The nutrients in the middle of the egg are useful in producing fertility. Eggs are very useful for human health.  


  • Leafy vegetables are very beneficial for their health because vitamins are present inside them. And spinach is a portion of great food. 
  • Folic acid is also necessary for sperm production. Leafy vegetables are very beneficial for their health as they contain vitamins.
  • And spinach is a portion of great food. Vitamin B works to prevent irregular spermatozoa in the sperm, which improves the chances of effective penetration of sperm into the egg. 


  • Banana makes the body healthy and strong and helps in producing sperm cells. Bananas contain vitamins A, B1 and S. These vitamins affect sperm count.
  • Bananas are highly regarded for these vitamins and contain an unusual enzyme called bromelain salt. This enzyme prevents infection by assisting the body in increasing the quality and quantity of sperm. 


  • Exercise is very beneficial for your body. Due to exercise, we get energized and feel good. The capacity of oestrogen and progesterone is increased by exercise. It helps in weight loss and increases sperm quality in the body. 

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

Quit smoking

  • Smoking is very dangerous for the body, it causes many diseases and consuming too much of it can kill us. The direct relation of smoke is with our heart and blood cells.
  • Smoking increases your sex life and it causes a lot of problems in our sex life. 

Behavioral Problems

  • Erectile Dysfunction is a very big disease in men and man disease can be due to various physical conditions. This disease is also due to psychology, in this psychological factors like anxiety, stress, and sadness are responsible. 

Vascular tissue

  • In 70 to 50% of people, blood flow changes in their organs due to a blood vessel-related disorder. It could be.

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