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Since the middle of the 2000s, “buy better, buy less” has been the motto of a certain part of the men’s fashion world. This group of environmentally conscious shoppers has been buying well-made, long-lasting clothes for years, long before “sustainability” became a buzzword. Now, more men are interested in sustainable men’s fashion, which has grown to include everything from swim trunks made from post-consumer waste to sneakers made from eucalyptus trees.

Most experts will tell you that if you really want to be sustainable, you should wear and fix what you already have and only buy “new” things that are used. But you can still help if you buy clothes from brands that are good for the environment. The hard part is figuring out which brands are really sustainable and which are just using the word “sustainable” to follow the latest trend. Menlo House Promo Code has a lot of savings opportunities available at its site where premium men’s fashion wear.

All Birds

Even if you don’t like their simple shoes, you can’t deny that All Birds is changing the way we think about sneaker production. Both O’Connell and Drutman recommend the brand because of its commitment to using renewable resources through regenerative agriculture and reducing waste in packaging and throughout the production process. They use merino wool, which is breathable and naturally renewable. You can shear a sheep over and over again, and their grazing can help plants grow that reduce carbon. They also work with farms that care about biodiversity and taking care of the land for the long term. They also use recycled plastic bottles, recycled nylon, sugarcane, and sustainable eucalyptus trees to make their shoes.

Story Mfg

Curran and Cheslaw both say good things about the London company Story Mfg. Cheslaw loves that the brand focuses on natural dyes, doesn’t waste any fabric, and uses a slow manufacturing process that lets them grow almost all of their materials close to their studio in India. Curran just bought something from them, and he agrees that the brand is both stylish and good for the environment. You can also use The Winston Box Coupon to get some bucks saved on men’s fashion wear.

Older Brother

Curran says, “I’m a big fan of Older Brother. I especially like how the Los Angeles-based brand dyes their clothes with natural things like Chaga mushrooms and sea kelp.” They start with organic cotton, linen, wool, and rice paper from farms in Japan. In their L.A. studio, they dye the materials without using toxic chemicals or heavy metals. Older Brother also uses materials that can be made again or broken down, like tree fill, which is used to make puffer coats instead of down.


Isaias Hernandez, an environmental educator, says that Outerknown is one of his favorite brands. Because among other things, they use renewable fibers to help fight plastic pollution in the ocean. Their swim trunks are made from 100% recycled polyester from things like plastic bottles that people have thrown away. Their products are made in factories that are certified as fair trade. And they are working toward certification from the Fair Labor Association, which holds international brands to the highest standards. Shoppers can also look at Outer known’s “Meet My Suppliers” page to find out where the company gets its clothes.

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