Cabinet fittings can transform any space. Cabinet fittings can make any space a masterpiece.

Different types cabinet hardware

There are two types: knobs and handles. You can combine knobs with tractors to create an unique look.


These movements enable you to enter the closet. There are many strokes you can use, including basket strokes and ring strokes. Each move can be performed in the same manner, but different patterns can give your movements a unique look. Screws are more expensive than buttons because they require more construction materials. Measurements are made at the hardware’s centre. To determine the hardware’s measurements, measure from the center of each screw to determine its dimensions. There are many sizes of hardware. This is an important point to keep in mind when looking for the right hardware.


Buttons are the most basic form of hardware. Buttons are the easiest type to install. One hole is all you need. It doesn’t matter how far you measure between one hole and the next. Different hardware finishes

It can be difficult to pick the right cabinet fittings’ finishes. We understand. At least 10 brands can be included under the category of gold hardware. Each brand can have a different finish or color. To see the hardware in person, order samples. This is the best way for you to find it. To make it easier to melt, we separated the finishes into three different categories. Now we can see the finish.

Black cabinet hardware

These are the most popular hardware names for the blackbox:

  • Black matt
  • A dark flat
  • Oil on bronze
  • Iron is black
  • Bronze Age
  • Item Satin
  • Venetian bronze

There are two kinds of black hardware. Each category is different, but it’s easier to see the goal when you look at it this way.

Oil-Rubbed bronze is warm in tone. Flat black hardware is how matte black looks.

Why Brass Hardware

Sometimes brass hardware can be mistakenly thought to be gold. It can be used in modern architecture, such as mid-century buildings. Brass-based companies prefer brass hardware because of their incredible physical properties.

The brass is in excellent condition.

Copper, an alloy of copper and iron, does not rust because it only contains iron-based metallics. Copper can develop patinas just like other metals. We apply a matte finish to protect copper from moisture and slow down color change.

Chrome has antimicrobial qualities

Copper is an excellent choice for hardware in both the food and medical industries due to its antibacterial properties. When brass fittings are made, you can activate them by sweating.

Chrome has vintage styling

For our clients, we provide high-quality products such as copper luminaires from THIN System. If the metal finish is applied too quickly, it can make the room look even more cluttered.

Brass needs little attention

To remove copper components, they should be cleaned frequently. They do not require any special care.

Recyclable lasts a lifetime

Many materials are available, so not all brass fittings can be recycled. Companies can offer brass fittings to help improve the environment.

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