The Country That Produces the Best Laptop and Smartphone

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Among all the computer and smartphone manufacturers, Apple is at the top, and is responsible for producing the best laptop and smartphone available today. It is a global company that generates around $230billion in revenue per year. As well as its impressive sales figures, Apple also offers a world-class customer care service. Another leading manufacturer of laptops and computers is Hewlett-Packard, or HP. This company makes some of the most popular laptops for students and office workers.


Although there is some debate about the quality of China-made laptops, many electronics are made in China. The country has long been known for producing high-quality products and many electronics brands have moved their manufacturing operations there. Chinese-made laptops often use the same components and quality control standards as laptops made in other countries. Chinese companies are also increasingly investing in innovation and research and development. The end result is a highly competitive price point.

When purchasing a laptop, it is best to read the specs carefully. This way, you can quickly assess the power of the machine. You should also check the screen size. The best screen sizes are around 14 inches. This screen size is ideal for children and can be carried easily. The screen should have a high resolution so that it can produce high-quality images and videos. It should be able to run several applications at once.

China produces some of the best laptops in the world. Some of these are made by big global companies such as Xiaomi and Lenovo. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Pro is one such laptop, which is packed with power and portability. If you are on a budget, this Chinese laptop is a great option.

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You can’t go wrong by choosing a laptop made by Asus. This company was founded in Taiwan in 1989 by two young engineers. Its name derives from the last four letters of the Greek horse Pegasus, which is white, has wings, and is considered a symbol of strength, creativity, and improvement.

ASUS has been a leader in the international laptop market for several years, but still barely cracks the top six in the US market. While ASUS is a well-established tech giant in other markets, most Americans aren’t even familiar with the brand. Its sales in the US market were just over one percent of the worldwide total last year, but their sales have since slowed. ASUS is still a major player in the gaming niche, where it makes most of its sales through its TUF Gaming and Republic of Gamers line of laptops.

The company is known for affordable laptops, excellent hardware, and reliable customer service. Its current line of laptops ranges from affordable Chromebooks to mighty gaming machines. It has also been a leader in the movement toward tiny bezels in laptops, packing maximum capacity in the smallest chassis possible.


If you are looking for the best laptop, then you should check out the MacBook. It is known for its stylish design, excellent all-round performance, and affordable price. Apple’s MacBook Air is a good example of the current crop of MacBooks. It was recently revived with a more powerful processor and a Retina screen.

Apple has always been a standout in the computer industry, and its Macs have loyal users. In fact, in 2017, it held fourth place in the global laptop market, with 19.7 million units shipped. Apple’s laptops also come with free live chat support and online tech support.


Lenovo is a premium brand that produces laptops for all kinds of needs – college students, businessmen, and gamers. They are known for their super flexible designs and long-lasting batteries. Recently, they have expanded their business into manufacturing smartphones. They also offer excellent customer support. As a global conglomerate, Lenovo employs 60,000 people worldwide.

Lenovo is a global brand with strong products for all budgets. They have a dedicated customer support portal, numerous brick-and-mortar service locations, and warranty extensions on some devices. But one downside is their lack of design and graphics support. They also don’t have 24/7 customer support, but they still offer a great range of laptops.

As of the second quarter of 2019, Lenovo holds a 25% market share, and HP is right behind it at 22.2%. Lenovo’s sales are up this year, but it’s not clear what’s causing the surge. One possible explanation is that it became a major stakeholder in Fujitsu in 2018, which may have caused an unanticipated boost in unit sales.

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